extended play

by Ryan Snyder

Alone? Misunderstood? Find solace in two days of angsty hardcore at the Blind Tiger, starting with Raleigh quintet Future Is Me alongside Oh, Manhattan, Lifenextyear and Embracing Goodbye on Wednesday, followed by Framing Hanley, State Your Cause, 3 Pill Morning and Runaway City. Also on Thursday, the Waybacks are more than a glorified cover band, and they’ll light up the Triad Stage. The Green Bean has big choruses and catchy hooks with Blag’ard, GOryanGO and Blaming Michael. The Mantras rock Downtown Live in Winston Square Park, and the Garage has swamp and soul with Beth McKee and guests the Hawkeyes.

“Breaking Bad” fans: listen out for DuBBoro’s “Down” premiering this Sunday, but on Friday, front man Ed E. Ruger takes part in Gate City Cypher with Shade, N’Dangrd Species, Ty Bru with MTTS, J. Bryant and ILLPO at the Clubhouse. Tiny Boxes and doby cook up some potent funk of their own at the Blind Tiger. The Abe Reid comeback continues with Sam Robinson & the Groove Elators at Greene Street Club. Rock librettists Dylan Gilbert & the Over-Easy Breakfast Machine join Jews & Catholics and Free Electric State at Krankies. There’s hot sax by Steve Cole at Downtown Jazz, while noise polluters Burglar F**ker drown out Elliott’s Revue.

On Saturday, Charles Walker & the Dynamites headline Crossroads #002 at SECCA with Odyssey 5. Things get rootsy at the Garage with Porch Dog Revival and L Shaped Lot, likewise at Summer On Trade with Martha Bassett. At CFBG, there’s orchestral, moody indie rock by David Wimbish & the Collection with Knives of Spain. The Mantras take it to the Blind Tiger with the Werks and the Family, while Greenville purveyors of jam Those Meddling Kids visit the Flatiron. FUSS calls it a career at Legitimate Business with Torch Runner, Woodland Creatures, Monarchist and Burma, and the great Eugene Chadbourne blows a mind or two at Mack and Mack with Stephanie Rearick.

Get your skanking shoes on and head to the Blind Tiger on Sunday for Skank Corporate Fandango, Brian Hill, Common Foundation and Frankie Goodrich. On Tuesday, real playas will be at the G-Side show at the Clubhouse, but the Animals As Leaders show at Greene Street Club ain’t bad either.

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