extended play

by Ryan Snyder

The Dead cast their shadow secondhand tonight with tributeers Brother Esau at the Blind Tiger or second generation with jamtronica duo Boombox at Ziggy’s, led by Zion Godchaux. Win Peter Winters brings indie-classical to the Green Bean with Now You See Them, the Old One-Two and Pinche Gringo, and Austin Gibbs plays acoustic pop at Greene Street Club with Giving Up Nevada, None of the Above and Sophia Martin.

The calm before the weekend storm brings Big Daddy Love, the Vertigo Jazz Project and the Real Nasty to the Blind Tiger on Thursday.

The kickass John Howie Jr. & Rosewood Bluff play the Garage on Friday with Andy Vaughn & the Driveline and the Hawkeyes, while Edwin McCain takes a break from county fair season to play Ziggy’s. Danish psych rockers Black Light White Light hit the Green Bean with White Rifles, and N’DangR Species head up a hip-hop show at the Clubhouse. For some bro rock, hit Greene Street Club for the Movement, or jam with ESP and the Native Sway at the Blind Tiger.

Caitlin Cary played in Whiskeytown and all she got was this lousy T-shirt, though the the Small Ponds are a nice consolation. They play the Garage on Saturday with the Poison Oaks and Jonathan Loos. Unknown Hinson sets the Halloween mood at the Blind Tiger, and the Greensboro Pops Symphony add a little excitement to the music of James Taylor at Westover Baptist Church. Mother’s Finest bring funk to Ziggy’s and Black Glass plays prog at the Clubhouse. Tom Troyer’s Music and ElisaRay play quiet folk at the Green Bean, while Janus 4-14 and Vel Indica get a little loud at Elliott’s Revue and Mack & Mack Clothing presents Listen Local #2.

Beasts of the Boro brings Illpo and some of the best local emcees to Greene Street Club on Sunday, while the Family play acoustic folk at Club Orion and Trace Bundy earns his nickname the “Acoustic Ninja” at First Presbyterian Church. SoloS Unit come together for a rare gig at Ziggy’s on Monday, while Balthrop Alabama (pop. 11) play with Lighthouse Music at the Garage.