extended play

by Ryan Snyder

One day, Charlottesville country rockquintet Sons of Bill are going to get theirdue. Until then, they’re preparing to releaseyet another excellent album, entitled Sirens,this Thursday night at the Blind Tiger. Not tobe outdone, Winston-Salem power pop trioGoRyanGo (no relation) celebrate their debutEP at the Garage with Vel Indica and LeavingVenus.Ziggy’s has a roots-rock two-fer withPorchdog Revival and Brickfoot Down, whileAndrew Davidson explores the outer reaches ofbeardcore as Bearded Folk at the Green Bean.Friday’s performance of 13 Most Beautiful…Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests by Dean& Britta at SE CCA is a can’t-miss for indie rockhounds and film geeks in general. Cowpunkpioneer Jason Ringenberg of Jason & theScorchers performs at the Garage withPaleface and the Old One-Two in support.KISS and Crüe aren’t coming here, but hey,we got Vince Neil at Ziggy’s! Wham CityComedy’s Ed Schrader brings Music Beat toCFBG, while bassist John Brown’s big bandpresents the Shakespeare-inspired SuchSweet Thunder at the International Ballroomin High Point. Salisbury retro-rockers Gulleyplay the Green Bean with Days In May andRupert Wates, and there’s a party at Krankieswith Miss Eaves, Mean Teens and DJ SK .The Grand Ole Uproar debut a countryand Americana mini-festival at the Garageon Thursday with a lineup that includes theBo Stevens, John Howie Jr. & the RosewoodBluff, Wurlitzer Prize and Hanging Thread. TheNorth Mississippi Allstars will singe eardrumsat Ziggy’s. It’s funky at the Blind Tiger withDoby and Ronnie Levels & His Genius Band.Expect standing-room only for the Bayonetsat the Green Bean with Drag Sounds andthe Old One-Two.It’s Burly’s birthday atSomewhere Else Tavern, while CFBG presentsstrangefolk by Stereojunk, Wyla, heraldingand Holy Ghost Tent Revival play Serendipityat Guilford College. At the Flatiron, aboutevery other musician in Greensboro is comingout for the Chris Lubinski benefit.The Zinc Kings, Sam Frazier, TheOthermothers et al get loud for Lesliepaloozaat the Blind Tiger, while Humble Tripe play itlow-key with Kelly McRae at the Green Bean.Neither are showing the “Game of Thrones”premiere. The noise ordinance meetingpops off at City Hall on Tuesday, and afterwards,there’s a celebration of noise as CalvinJohnson of K Records’ fame brings the HiveDwellers to CFBG with label mates CuriousMystery and locals Secret Message Machineand Pistol Crash.