foodie: Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

by Charles Womack

Brusters’s Real Ice Cream 3860 John Gordon Lane High Point; 336.882.6780

Ever since I ordered a cool-sounding flavor of ice cream at Bruster’s Real Ice Cream, I have tried and tried to get a second order.

I first picked the flavor, Dusty Road, because it shares a similar name as one of my childhood idols, wrestler Dusty Rhodes. I have gone back to the Palladium in High Point location several times with my family, but had not been able to catch the delicious flavor again on the menu.

Store Manager Amy Mackay told me that Bruster’s has over 160 possible flavors for their customers. “With so many flavors, we rotate them out daily,” said Mackay. “When people find a flavor that they really like, we do our best to have it available. If you come in and enjoy a certain flavor, you can give us your name and number and we will call you when we feature it again. We actually have a book of names, numbers and their favorite flavors.”

This kind of service made quite an impact on me as once again I ventured to Bruster’s to hopefully find Dusty Road on the menu. The family and I pulled up and… dang — not on the menu. I made a substitute order of something good, but not what I was seeking, and I asked the girl at the window when Dusty Road would be back.

This angel of ice cream said she was not sure but then told me they could make, just for me, an entire half gallon.

“Our ice cream maker comes in tomorrow and we can give you a call,” she said.

Just for me! Oh wow! Sure enough my phone rings the next day and my wife heads over to pick up my long sought-after prize.

The person on the other end informs me that they “just made it and it’s kinda soft.” I puzzle at her tone as she says “kinda soft” — like it’s a bad thing?

When my wife returned we both dug in and it was eve. better than I remembered: a malted vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate malt balls.

–Charles Womack