foodie: Piedmont Triad Farmers Market

by Michelle Lanteri

Heirloom tomatoes, Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, $1.99-$2.99 per pound

Tomato season is here and in full bloom!

Discriminating eaters have been waiting for the heirloom tomatoes to pop since last summer. Heirloom tomatoes, unlike their mass-produced and genetically altered counterparts, come from pure strains of seeds — which is why they look kind of… ugly. But these crazy-shaped suckers are delicious in the most simple or extravagant preparations. For a simple preparation, slice the tomato and grind some fresh sea salt over your precious “ugly” fruit. For an extravagant preparation, choose a few different varietals of heirloom tomatoes, slice them thin and layer over a homemade crust and egg mixture in a tomato tart or quiche, perhaps with a dollop of Goat Lady cheese for garnish. Whichever way you choose to enjoy your ‘mater, be sure to stop by and thank our local farmers for growing these quirky yet tasty bushels of fruit. — Michelle Lanteri