foodie: Ruth’s Chris Steak House

by Michelle Lanteri

Bread pudding with whiskey sauce’ $8.99

Ruth’s Chris steak House; 800 Green Valley Road, Greensboro; 336.574.1515;

Once in a blue moon I have the pleasure of enjoying fine dining in Greensboro, usually at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It’s always an enjoyable evening filled with delicate flavors and tasteful indulgences.

Last week after a delicious array of sweet potato casserole, broiled tomatoes, roasted wild mushrooms and unoaked chardonnay, I decided to venture into the dessert menu with a mission of finding the perfect complement to my meal. When I spotted the bread pudding with whiskey sauce, I knew I had found my accompaniment of choice.

The bread mixture is baked in a personalized tart dish forming a perfectly caramelized glaze atop the pudding. And the pudding skillfully entangles flavors of brown sugar, bourbon, apple and cinnamon, forming the delicious core of the dessert. When the bread has reached its perfect firmness, it is covered with a sea of velvety smooth vanilla bourbon sauce and finished with a sprig of fresh mint. There are plenty of exciting twists and turns when experiencing the lavish blend of piping hot bread, vanilla sweetness and a quintessential touch of whiskey.

The bread pudding at Ruth’s Chris is perfect for the person who loves a loaf of freshly baked bread, with a candied twist. It’s also perfect for sharing and matches up well with Ruth’s fresh French-pressed coffee for two. — Michelle Lanteri