by Jordan Green

Taqueria Al Azteca

5605 W. Friendly Ave. #B, Greensboro, 336.292.4008

The downside of eating out in Greensboro is every meal is a suburban odyssey. The upside is that great food at an affordable price is only 20 minutes away.

Case in point: Taqueria El Azteca, which this p.m. — as on all Tuesday and Thursday nights — was serving $1 tacos and $1.50 beers. Just inside the breezeway at Quaker Village, the place was bustling with Guilford College students.

The traditional Mexican tacos are recommended. They come in three variations: chicken, pork and beef. I went with chicken. The combination is tough to beat: three flat, white corn tortillas topped with shredded chicken, a sliver of avocado, a slice of radish, fresh cilantro, chopped onion — all with a fat wedge of lime to give it an explosion of flavor.

Elegant in their simplicity, these tacos are a somewhat respectable variation on Mexican street food.

I also ordered a marinated pork taco that was heavily spiced and mixed with pineapple. It reminded me of Indian curry, which is to say that it was fine, but not as fresh and bold as the main feature.

Not counting the tip, four tacos, chips and salsa and a beer comes to less than $6. — Jordan Green