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Falling for All Things Pumpkin

| @triadfoodies Pumpkin: Cultivar of squash plant…sending bakers, coffeeshops and retailers into a full blown tizzy faster than you can say “pepitas.” Seems like pumpkin—or “pumpkin spice” is more popular than ever this time of ...
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At The Center of Hope with 12 Suppers

| @triadfoodies By the end of the year, more than 14 local restaurants will have taken part in a special collaboration that helps feed Winston-Salem residents in need. “12 Suppers at the Center of Hope” ...
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Going Quackers as Duck Donuts is Opening in the Triad

| @triadfoodies Fans of Duck Donuts rejoice!! Duck Donuts, which practically has a cult following across the state and now the East Coast, is opening in Greensboro before the end of the year with plans ...
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Art Inspired Chef Tasting

@triadfoodies Reason #1 for showing the photos and describing the “Art Inspired Chef Tasting” that took place at West End Millworks is this: This hopes to be the first of many and we think you’d ...
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What is Nitro Brew Coffee and Why Should You Care?

@triadfoodies Coffee lovers, want to get elevated to a new java experience? Get yourself some Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Why should you care? Because it’s amazing. We spoke to Joey Burdette, co-owner of Twin City ...
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Dinner Under The Stars with Triad Local First

@triadfoodies Triad Local First’s Community Table is a much loved event. That was quite apparent Sunday evening as about 150 supporters joined for another year to celebrate local businesses, restaurants and farms. Community Table is ...
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Art Inspiration from Local Chefs

| @triadfoodies West End Millworks is hosting an art-inspired evening with Reynolda House Museum of American Art on Sunday, Oct. 9 at 5:30 p.m. Local chefs will be preparing a five-course tasting menu and drink ...
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Conrad Fund to benefit Thanksgiving Day community table

@tradfoodies When we sit down at our Thanksgiving table, giving thanks for the wonderful meal we are about enjoy among family, or friends who are like family, it’s very easy to forget that there’s so ...
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A spirit for NC mixology – Jordan Keiper

@triadfoodies Every once in a while, Chow has to be about Drank. As a matter of fact, Drank might be a good idea for a new column altogether in this weekly…hmmm….a discussion for the powers ...
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Texas Pete Culinary Arts Fest Celebrates Local Flavor

| @triadfoodies Lovers of the local food and music scene will especially love the annual Texas Pete Culinary Arts Festival this Saturday and Sunday. The fre