free will astrology

by Rob Brezsny

ARIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 19): Photonswork hard to get from the heart of the sun tothe surface. They can take up to 160,000 yearsto complete the 400,000 -mile journey. Andyet once Earth-bound photons get topside,they travel the 93-million-mile distance to ourplanet in just over eight minutes. I foresee ametaphorically similar situation unfolding inyour life in the coming weeks. A developmentthat has been a long time in the making willaccelerate tremendously in its last phase ofripening.TAURUS (Apr. 20-May 20): Taurusgenius Irving Berlin (1888-1989) has beencalled the greatest songwriter who everlived. Among his 1,500 compositions wereiconic tunes like “God Bless America” and“White Christmas,” as well as scores for 18Hollywood movies and 19 Broadway shows.And yet he never learned to read or writemusic. Was he embarrassed about his handicap?Not at all. He even bragged about it. Hefelt that having such a minimal grasp of theconventions of songwriting was an advantage,giving him the freedom to be extraordinarilyoriginal. Is there any way in which you’re likeIrving Berlin, Taurus? Do you have a seeminglimitation that is actually an aid to your creativityand uniqueness? Celebrate it this week.GEMINI (May 21-June 20): “Everychanged circumstance contains opportunities,which accrue to the first people to recognizethem,” wrote poet Charles Potts. “Since circumstancesare in constant flux, there is asteady stream of opportunities. Learn to spotthem and make them your own.” I offer youthis advice, Gemini, because you’ll soon be ina prime position to derive great benefit from it.If you tweak your attitude just right — aligningyour novelty receptors to be on high alert— the clattering commotion of metamorphosisthat’s headed your way will bring with it abustling welter of unforeseen openings.CANCER (June 21-July 22): First thenegatives: Don’t be a martyr to what you’vewon. Don’t let your success oppress you.Don’t become a slave to the useful role you’veearned. Don’t neglect your own needs as youserve the needs of those who admire you forwhat you give. Now let’s try a more positiveway to frame the challenges ahead of you:Keep questioning whether the fruits of yourvictories are still enjoyable and fulfilling toyou. Make sure the triumphs of the past don’tget in the way of the potential triumphs of thefuture. Find out how your success may need toevolve. Push beyond what’s good and head inthe direction of what’s great.LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): My rage againstthe machine began early. I joined my first protestmarch at age 15, led a boycott at 17, andwas tear-gassed by cops at a demonstrationwhen I was 18. In the intervening years, myanger at injustice has broadened and deepened.I’ve lent my rebel yells to hundreds of righteouscauses. But in 2006, I decided to shiftmy approach. Instead of fighting every singleabuse that incited my ire, I chose three toconcentrate on: the obscene militarism of theAmerican government, the extreme financialdisparities between the rich and poor, and theenvironmental degradations caused by corporationsand corporate culture. Since then, mycrusading energy has been more focused andeffective, and my general mood has brightened.I recommend you consider a similarchange, Leo. It’s an excellent time for you togive more of your passion to fewer causes.VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Doyou remember the monster that sometimeslived under your bed when you were a kid?Recently it found its way back to you, andhas been spending time in your closet. It’s notas frightening as it used to be, and I’m notalarmed by its return. In fact, I think it has animportant message for you that would be valuableto discover. I encourage you to invite itout for a conversation. As you might suspect,as soon as it delivers its crazy wisdom, it willleave you in peace.LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Present thefollowing dare to a person or persons withwhom you would like to go deeper: “Youthink you know me, but you really know justa tantalizing fraction. Would you like to experiencethe rest of the story?” And if anyoneexpresses interest, take him or her on a magicaltour they won’t forget. Reveal the sidesof you that are too mysteriously interestingto show the general public, or too intimate toreveal to anyone you don’t trust, or so potentthey might intimidate those who don’t have alot of self-possession.SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In NorthAmerica, California Condors are the biggestflying birds that live on land. Their wingspansare up to ten feet. Once sacred to certainNative Americans, these members of the vulturefamily can live for 60 years and soar ashigh as 15,000 feet. But they came close toextinction in the 20th century, mostly becauseof human activity. In 1987, conservationistsintervened. In the hope of replenishing thepopulation in captivity, they captured everylast one of the 22 remaining wild condors.Painstaking efforts gradually yielded results,and today there are 348 birds, including 187in the wild. I bring this to your attention,Scorpio, because I believe now is an excellenttime to begin a project to save your own metaphoricalversion of an “endangered species.”SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21):According to Us Weekly, baseball star Alex Rodriguez owns two paintings of himself inwhich he’s portrayed as half-man, half-horse.This is an excellent time for you to be inspiredby his example. Gazing at a picture of amythical centaur who looks like you wouldspeak to your subconscious mind in just theright way. Bypassing your rational ego, thatstirring icon would animate and cultivate thewise animal in you. It would stimulate thesweet spot where your physical vitality overlapsyour visionary intelligence. Do you knowanyone who could Photoshop this powerfulimage for you?CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Here’smy startling prediction: More Capricorn spiritualseekers will become enlightened in thenext five weeks than in any comparable periodof history. Hell, there’ll be so much infinitymixed with eternity available for your tribethat even a lot of you non-seekers could geta lightning bolt of illumination or two. That’snot to say that you have to accept the upliftingrevelations, or even tune in to them, for thatmatter. If you’d prefer to ignore the sacredhubbub and go about your practical businesswithout having to hassle with the consequencesof a divine download, that’s fine.AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Can youimagine what it would be like to venture intothe opposite of the Bermuda Triangle? Youknow, a zone where wonderfully odd thingsoccur rather than bad strange things? I thinkthat such a place exists, and I think you’ll soonfind it. The luck that unfolds for you will be ablend of dumb and brilliant. The discoveriesyou make may be useless on the outside butvaluable on the inside. Lost keys may reappearand missing links will materialize out ofnowhere. Here’s the piece de resistance: Anapparent memory of the future could providea secret passageway to a previously hiddenenclave that contains “magic garbage.”PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20):. In honorof the new identity you’re evolving into, Ihereby give you the nickname of “MiraclePlayer,” or else — if you like one of these better— “Sleek Cat” or “Giant Step” or “FateWhisperer.” You may hereafter also use anyof the following titles to refer to yourself:“CEO of My Own Life” or “Self-Teacher ofJubilance and Serenity” or “Fertile Blur ofSupple Strength.” Feel free, as well, to anointyour head with pure organic virgin olive oil,fashion a crown for yourself out of roses andshredded masks, and come up with a wordlesssound that is a secret sign you’ll give toyourself whenever you need to remember themarvelous creature you are on your way tobecoming.’ 2010 Rob Brezny !