from the cover.

by Amy Kingsley

from the cover.

carry. Here’s a short list of other things I learned, and a few gleaned from my friends in the Loserville chat room, that may serve you well at this year’s Heavy Rebel Weekender:

• Don’t be afraid to sweat. Sweat happens when you spend your days drinking beer in dark rooms filled with people. And sweat is very much a part of Heavy Rebel Weekender.

• The staff — particularly Quick and Martin — will handle things coolly and calmly without benefit of clipboards or earpieces, or to quote Divine Misfortune in Loserville, “Dave Quick’s hair will look perfect, even as he’s running by like a chicken with its head cut off.”

• Red clay mud doesn’t come out in the wash. • A wet wifebeater contest is not as demeaning towards women as you might think.

• Chances are good you’ll meet someone with whom you’ll communicate by e-mail and phone until you see him again at the next Heavy Rebel Weekender.