from the cover.

by Amy Kingsley

from the cover.

• Wear boots. Or shoes you don’t care about.

• When they throw beer cans at you, it means they like you.

• Sleep is kind of a waste of time, but a necessary one.

• You may think you’ve seen cool tattoos before. You haven’t. • Buy that T-shirt/hat/picture/button/ sticker/piece of jewelry you’re debating about — you won’t see the likes of it again.

• Bring sunglasses, if only for the walk home.

• The description “white trash” is not necessarily a bad thing and in some cases is a desirable appellation. • You don’t have to hold in your stomach at Heavy Rebel Weekender.Push up bras are another story.

• Overalls without shirts = fashion

• Bring a Zippo. And lots of socks.

• You will meet some of the friendliest freaks on the planet, see some of the most exciting bands around, marvel at the things people do to their cars and eat very little. Hope you like beef jerky. • There are reasons people come from all over the world for this festival. And there are as many reasons as there are people.

That should do ya for your first Heavy Rebel Weekender. Look for me down in the Jailhouse, dripping with sweat and flinging beer cans at the bands I love most. To comment on this story e-mail Brian Clarey at