Greensboro Residents Support Standing Rock, Divest from Wells Fargo: Rally Today 11/15, 3-5pm

cropped-recycleGreensboro, NC– As part of a national day of solidarity with the ongoing encampment of water protectors at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in Cannonball, ND, people in Greensboro, NC, are holding a rally to raise up the work happening to prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline. We are gathering at 3pm at the Wells Fargo Tower to make our voices heard that we are in opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The residents of Greensboro, and other parts of North Carolina, see the connection to stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline and the connections to water quality and indigenous sovereignty in this state. Dealing with the coal ash spill in the Dan River, and the impending attempt to develop the Atlantic Coastal Pipeline through West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina, we know what it is like to have our lives threatened for the profit of a few corporations and banks and as such we are in solidarity with Standing Rock.

The rally today in Greensboro is taking place at the Wells Fargo Tower, at 300 N. Greene St., since Wells Fargo is one of the 17 banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline. Justin Miller, a local resident, is planning on closing his bank account with Wells Fargo, because he does not want to be supporting this fossil fuel industry as it violates treaty rights and destroys our future. Holden Cession, another person closing their account today, said they are closing their account because they believe in indigenous rights and those rights and treaties should be honored and respected and they don’t want their money and name attached to the violence of this pipeline.

Together we demand the future we deserve, where fresh water is accessible to all, that people are chosen over profits, and that the voices of frontline communities are listened to and centered.

To find out more about the other banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline read this article: