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Guilford County Football All-Stars

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2016)

Compiled by Andy Durham of greensborosports.com

Editor’s note: There’s nothing much bigger across local communities in our country than high school football. It unites communities each fall as a new season dawns and provides pathways to higher education for many young people. To that end, we’ve partnered with the good folks at greensborosports.com to present YES! Weekly’s first every Guilford County All-Star Football Team. We’ll look to expand coverage of the great things young athletes are doing in the Triad in the future, but in collaboration with Andy Durham and his team at greensborosports.com we hope you enjoy this first selection of all-star athletes.

The Questions:

We asked each of our winners to answer the Pick Six set of questions and those questions were: 1) The one thing you will always remember about this 2016 season? 2) August Football Practice, when we say that what do you think of? 3) The day after your season is over, what will you be doing? 4) What one or two words best describe your coach? 5) The one person, teammate, coach, Mom, Dad, brother or sister or friend that stuck with you this football season and maybe they were closer than a brother to you this year? 6) Toughest Opposing Team, the first school that comes to your mind? First thought, the instant reaction, almost like “I want them right now”? – Andy Durham


Doug Robertson

Coach of the Year

Doug Robertson (11-0) at Eastern Guilford High School….

Honorable Mention: Earl Bates(Southern Guilford)…(9-2) and  John Patterson(High Point Andrews)…(7-4)

Doug Robertson’s answers to the Pick Six Questions: 1)The Maturity of the Team and learning to win the Big Games. 2) Hottest Year Ever, Wet Field in the morning after a rain and conditions Hot and Humid all day long. 3) Relaxing and Watching Football. Spending time with Family.  4) TEAM:Resilient and hard-nosed. 5)Wife and Kids and Dad, plus Jesus Christ. 6) Western Alamance.


Hendon Hooker of Dudley put up amazing stats this year. He’s a Virginia Tech commit.

Player of the Year

Hendon Hooker (Dudley High School)
Hooker’s stat’s for the Regular Season: 1,729 passing yards on 86-137 passing with 17 TDs/3 INTs…62.8% passing and 157.2 yards per game…Hooker tallied 829 rushing yards and 18 rushing TD’s…Hooker with 2,558 total yards and 35 TDs.

Co-Offensive Players of the Year

Hendon Hooker

(Dudley HS)


Will Jones of Page High School

Will Jones (Page HS)

Defensive Player of the Year


Tyler DeBerry of Page is the Defensive Player of the Year.

Tyler DeBerry

(Page HS)



Hendon Hooker(Dudley HS)/Will Jones(Page HS) …

Honorable Mention: Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford HS) and De’Shaun Taylor(High Point Christian Academy)

Hooker’s Answers: 1) Make an Impact and Chase the Goal to become State Champs. 2) Had fun with it, did not mind thepractice in August. 3) Hit the Basketball Court. 4) Intense and Knowledgeable. 5) Dad (Alan Hooker). 6) Page.

Jones’ Answers: 1) One thing I will remember about this season is beating the teams nobody thought we could beat and proving everybody wrong in Guilford County. 2) When you say August football practice my mind immediately goes to running stadium steps and building a bond with my teammates. 3) The day after the season is over I will either be at basketball practice or playing in a basketball game. 4) Two words that describe coach G would be blue collar. He embraces those two words and constantly pushes us to be that way; he’s a humble hard worker who is going to do the job everyday and not make excuses. 5) My mother has always been by my side no matter what. I love her to death and don’t know what I would do without her. I thank God for my mother, she’s truly a blessing. 6) The team I cannot wait to play is Olympic because they are in our way trying to take what we are striving for away from us and we cannot let that happen.

Running Backs:

Chavis Little (High Point Central HS), Javon Leake (Page HS), Myron Frazier (Northern Guilford HS), Travis Steele (High Point Andrews) …

Honorable Mention: Jarious Drayton (Ragsdale HS), Jordan Brown (High Point Andrews), Ezra Perkins (Dudley HS), Bryson Jumper (Southwest Guilford HS).

Chavis Little (High Point Central HS) 1)I will always remember my coaches and teammates. 2) I think of pushing myself past my limits and getting myself better for the season. 3) I will continue to work on my craft and run track. 4)Discipline and Motivated…5)I would say my family and coaches because they all pushed and motivated me to do my best….6)East Forsyth

Javon Leake– RB(PAGE) 1) The East Forsyth game. Everyone doubted us but we came out and played all four quarters to get the win. 2) All the blood, sweat, and tears we went through as a team running stairs and sprints. 3) Resting, then getting on the track b/c track season comes after football. 4) Old-School 5) Coach Hagan has stayed with me all season and taught me to be a leader. 6) Mallard Creek

Myron “MJ” Frazier (Northern Guilford HS) 1) The thing that I will remember about this season is that we only won four games but made it to playoffs. 2) I think of the first day of hitting. 3) The day after the season is over I will be playing basketball and training for track and baseball. 4) Two words that describe my coach are passionate and long-winded. 5) The one person that stuck with me this football season and I consider them my brother is Jake Moore, he’s my favorite player. 6) The first opposing team that comes to mind that I want to play right now is Southern Durham. That’s only because I transferred from there and I would love to play against old teammates and coaches.

Travis Steele (High Point Andrews) 1) Playoffs. 2) It was all right. 3) Thinking and planning. 4) Crazy and fun. 5) Jamari Palbusa. 6) High Point Central.

Wide Receivers:

Tre Turner (Northwest Guilford HS), Ronald Polite (Page HS), Curt Ervin (High Point Central HS) …

Honorable Mention: Ford Moser (Northern Guilford HS), Nic Cheeley (Eastern Guilford HS), Thomas Young (Dudley HS) and Justin Guy (Southeast Guilford).

Tré Turner – WR (NWG): 1) All of the adversity we faced. 2) Ready to get this boot off so I can get back out there. (I was injured all of July & most of August.) 3) Going to basketball practice. 4) Trustworthy and Caring. 5) My barbers (aka my security). 6) Western, I’m ready to (play) them whenever and wherever.

Ronald Polite– WR (PAGE): 1) The most memorable moment for me this season is us beating Dudley. 2) When I think of August practice I remember how hot they use to be. 3)Taking a well needed nap. 4) Determined. 5) My friend Ben; we have fun on and off the field. 6) The opportunity To play Mallard Creek.

Curt Ervin – WR (High Point Central): 1) We were able to get tough and stay together as a team and one person doesn’t make the team. 2) Excited for August practice, it is time to show the coaches what you can do and you must get ready to Ball out and give it your all even if things get tough. 3) Went home and watched film and tried to see what I need to do to get better. 4) Father and my cousin John John Ervin. 5) Wonderful. 6) Dudley, I want a shot at Dudley, because I want to play and beat the best.

Offensive Line:

Tyrese King (High Point Andrews), Evan Surgeon (Southeast Guilford), Nick Mackovic (Page), Bryson Speas (Dudley), Dacquari Wilson (Dudley) …

Honorable Mention: Isaiah Ashley (Northwest Guilford).

Tyrese King (High Point Andrews HS) – 1) Coach Patterson all crazy during pre-game warm ups. 2) Time to work! 3) Either turning up or feeling sad depending on how it ends. 4) Crazy, motivating. 5) My grandfather. I talk to him after every practice and every game. 6) High Point Central.

Evan Surgeon (Southeast Guilford HS) – 1)The one thing that I’ll always remember about this season is the last drive of the Northwest game when we won 14-13. 2) When I was younger my dad would always use the phrase, “time to lay the wood”, so that is usually what I think of. 3)At the end of season I’ll go straight into wrestling, so the day after I’ll be wrestling. 4) A good coach. 5) My teammates have been there since the hot Summer workouts all the way to now, but a few guys that are like my brothers are Korrey Marsh and Michael Johnson. 6)Dudley, I feel like we should have had a better game against them.

Nick Mackovic – C/OL (PAGE) 1) Well one thing I’ve always loved is the bonds that you form with your teammates. However, nothing comes close to that Dudley game this year, and how we stopped them on the 1 yard line as time expired. 2) August football practice to me is the most exciting time of the year. You finally get to put the pads back on and go out there and get after it with your teammates again. 3) The day after my season is over I will definitely start preparing for the next. That starts with watching a lot of film and studying what I need to improve on. 4) One word I would use to describe coach Gillespie would be extremely dedicated. 5) I couldn’t really choose just one person that stuck with me because both of my parents have been so supportive of me, not only this year but throughout my entire sports career. 6) When I think of an opposing team, the first team to come to mind is definitely Dudley. The game we played earlier this year was by far the most exciting game I have been a part of.

Bryson Speas (Dudley HS) – 1) The one thing I will remember about this 2016 football season is all of the hard work and preparation it took to get in the position that we are in. 2) When I hear the words August practice all I think about is putting the pads on and getting after it with my teammates. 3) The day after the season is over I’ll be back on the grind preparing myself for college. 4)Intense and passionate. 5) Quran Blount. 6) Page.

Dacquori Wilson (Dudley HS) – 1) Doing 150 up downs during practice with my teammates because the locker room was dirty. 2) Only a few Days away from the first game. 3)In the weight room preparing myself for college football. 4)Serious and Tough. 5) All my teammates have been close to me since my freshman year! We’re a family! And I love them all! Dboyz in the house!! Bad news! 6)Page.

Offensive Athlete:

Thomas Hennigan (Northwest Guilford HS). Offensive Athlete

Honorable Mention: Gerald Simpson (Northeast Guilford) and Edrick Purnell (Western Guilford HS).

Thomas Hennigan – ATH (NWG) 1) Scoring five 5 TDs in the second half to beat Northern. 2) I think of the hot weather, preseason expectations and getting ready for those Friday night lights…3) Playing football with my friends outside. 4) Role Model. 5) Obviously my family supported me every game but my girlfriend Lindsay came to every game and was there to enjoy the wins and help me with the losses, her parents did too. 6) Northern, I could play in that environment every night of my life.

Kicker: Thomas Murray (Page HS)

Punter: Cody Creed (Northwest Guilford HS)

Thomas Murray– P (PAGE) 1) One thing I will remember from this 2016 season is the fun that we had as a team at each practice and game. 2) August football practice to me means that it’s time to get back to work. 3) Hitting the weight room and getting ready for next season. 4) A word to describe coach G is dedicated. 5) My mom has been there for me the whole season. When I was too sore or tired in summer to go to workouts she convinced me to go and it has made all the difference this season. 6) Mallard Creek. We took a rough loss in last year’s championship and I look forward to getting the chance to beat them this year in the playoff.

Cory Creed – Kicker (NWG) 1)The one thing that I will remember from this season is beating Northern for the first time in school history. 2) When I think of August, I think of hard work in the weight-room with the team all getting stronger/faster. 3) The day after the season is over a new season begins I go straight back to work in the weight-room and the field working on technique. 4) The two words that best describe my coach are family and structure. Everyone on the football team is a big family and he runs a very organized practice. 5) Tre Turner. 6) I want to play Glenn again. We should have won that game, they gave us a good fight but that’s a loss that shouldn’t be there.


Defensive Line:

Brevin Allen(Northeast Guilford HS), Awstyn Williams (Dudley HS), Spencer Clapp (Eastern Guilford HS), Tyler DeBerry (Page HS), Mekhi Siler (Southern Guilford HS) …

Honorable Mention: Trey Love (Southeast Guilford HS), Erik Walker (Eastern Guilford HS), Canyon Duncan (Grimsley HS)

Brevin Allen (Northeast Guilford HS) -1) Making the Playoffs. 2) First day I get to hit. 3) Starting basketball season. 4) A great one. 5) My Mom. 6) Eastern Guilford. Without question.

Awstyn Williams (Dudley HS) – 1) The talent we had on our team. 2) That’s when real practice really starts. 3)Celebrating because the day before me and my team would just have won the State Championship. 4) Winner. 5) My Mom stuck with me this season like no other just like she has my whole life. 6) Ben L. Smith High School is the first team that comes to mind.

Spencer Clapp (Eastern Guilford HS) – 1) Will remember the coaches the most. 2) Miserable, hot and more heat. 3) Watching TV and taking a break. 4) Short-tempered. 5) Coach Tinsley. 6) Western Alamance.
Tyler DeBerry – (PAGE) 1) I will always remember the goal line stand against Dudley to win the game. 2)Heat and conditioning. 3) Be preparing for what’s ahead. 4) Dedicated and Father-like. 5) Dad, he always gives me his reflection of Friday nights every day. 6) Mallard Creek.

Mekhi Siler (Southern Guilford High School) – 1) Practice, tough practices where you need to everything right, because perfect practice makes for perfect plays in the game. 2) Hot stuff and hard running and the heat would not end, we couldn’t catch a break from the heat. 3) Go to work, as in go to work in the Weight Room to get ready for
college. 4) Tough/Real tough. 5) Tyrese Brooks. 6) Ledford.


Kyin Howard (Eastern Guilford HS), Nigel Peele (Dudley HS), Patrick Conner (Dudley HS), Alan Tisdale (Page HS)….

Honorable Mention: Michael Jurado (Southern Guilford HS), DeAndre Days (Southern
Guilford HS), Jaylen Covington (Southwest Guilford HS), Quandre’ Clagon (Northeast Guilford HS), Alex Gray (Page HS), Wistar Allen (High Point Christian Academy) and Zachary White (Smith HS).

Kyin Howard (Eastern Guilford HS) – 1) All the practices to get through and it made us better. 2) County Fair with all of stations and Circuit Training. 3) Start Track and start College Football prep. 4)Hard-working. 5) Coach Kennedy Tinsley. 6)Western Alamance.

Nigel Peele (Dudley HS) – 1) One thing that I will remember about this season is how great of a family this team is. 2) The first thing that comes to mind is the first game of the season and the preparation for the upcoming game. 3) I will be in the gym getting bigger and faster for the next level. 4) Determined and a Leader. 5) Everybody on the team, we’re like a big family. 6) Page! That loss was bad losing by one point at the end is a heart break, knowing that we couldn’t get a rematch made it even worse.

Patrick Conner (Dudley HS) – 1) The one thing I’ll remember the most about this season is losing to Page. 2) When I think of August practice, I think of heat and preparing for the first game. 3) After the season, I’ll be preparing for college ball. 4) Intense and Tough. 5) Probably would have to be my dad. 6) Page or Eastern.

Alan Tisdale (PAGE) – 1) You will make mistakes, and never let them bring you down. 2) Harder practices, season coming up, and more competition. 3) I will continue to practice and strive to get better and stronger. 4) Coach Sam motivated to never give up and always push through it. 5) Mom & Grandma 6) Dudley High School; never under
estimate them cause you never know what they have in their pocket.

Defensive Back:

Brion Seagraves(Dudley HS), Brelin Faison-Walden(Grimsley HS), Bryant Barr (Eastern Guilford), James Artis (Eastern Guilford), Jaylen Guy (Southeast Guilford HS) …

Honorable Mention: Myles White (Dudley HS), Breyon Harrison (Southern Guilford), Micah Gafford (Page HS), Myles Berry (Dudley HS) and Myles White (Dudley HS).

Brion Seagraves (Dudley HS) – 1)The one thing I will always remember about 2016 football season is losing to Page High School for the conference championship. 2) When I think of august football practice I think of strictly business and pursuing a team goal of a state championship. 3) The day after the football season is over I will be playing basketball and getting a job. 4) Tough and Smart. 5) The one person that stuck with me during football season is my
mother. 6) Page High School because I think we weren’t focused and we took them lightly that week, so I would like to play them again and prepare differently.

Brelin Faison – Walden (Grimsley HS) – 1) The improvement of the program and how close everybody has gotten throughout the season. 2) First days of hitting. 3) I will be in the weight room. 4) Passionate / leader. 5) My parents have stuck through this season with me helping me out with recruiting and even through the stressful times trying to find the right school and dealing with the season, this has improved our relationships and communication. 6) Dudley.

Bryant Barr (Eastern Guilford HS) – 1) Practice, practice, practice, lots of practice. 2) Rough month and good month to prepare for the long hard season, we got some real good work done in August. 3) Get ready for college, take one week off and go back to work and start pushing to get to the next level. 4) No excuses/Enthusiastic. 5) Mom and
Dad. 6) Western Alamance.

James Artis (Eastern Guilford HS) – 1) Good to feel undefeated, like that entire Undefeated Feeling for the Regular Season. 2) Very hard, but it is to get us prepared for the grind of the season. 3) Go to Sleep/Get some rest. 4) Resilient and Determined. 5) My two best friends, Zion Walker and Bryant Barr. 6)Western Alamance.

Jaylen Guy(Southeast Guilford HS – 1) When my brother and I (Justin) ran two kickoffs back in the same game. 2) Anytime I hear practice I just think that it’s time to get some work in. 3) I will be getting ready for baseball season. 4) Coach Fritz. 5) Everybody really but if I had to pick it would have to be my brother (Justin). He is just a real easy role model to follow. 6) Dudley. They are one of the best around and who doesn’t like playing against the best.

Defensive Athlete:

DJ Crossen (Dudley HS) –  1) One thing I will always remember about this 2016 season is that I most likely won’t be able to play with my brothers from the 2017 class again. 2) I think of hard work and a fresh start for the season ahead. To really focus on the season and put forth my best efforts. 3) Working out and playing basketball. 4) Honest and Caring. 5) Coach Denoris Best. 6) Page and to get a chance to play them again because I know we are better than them and could’ve played better than what we did.