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Holden Cession and Alyzza May: TRNSCND Beauty

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2017)


Together Holden Cession and Alyzza May have created TRNSCND Beauty, a health/beauty line that supports transgender and gender nonconforming organizing.

The creation of the business happened organically when May decided to make a salve for Cession.

“I had rosemary in my house and I thought ‘Oh, rosemary is a hair growth stimulant,’” said May. “’Let me create a salve for Holden as they are growing out their luscious beard.’ I looked up the recipe and made that salve.

“That was it. Then we ended up as the co-planners of the North Carolina Trans Pride and in that, we were like ‘Let’s make a bunch more stuff.’”

Today May and Cession make oils, lip balms, body butters, bath bombs and more out of their own homes. Using recipes from the Internet, they have experimented and created products of their own based on scents and effects.

“There has definitely been witchy learning,” said May.

May and Cession have appreciated how much their community have boosted TRNSCND Beauty’s products.

“One of our friends the other day shouted out about the rosemary salve that we have,” said Cession. “He was talking about how good it was for his beard. He was like, ‘Yeah, I’m a beard ambassador.’”

TRNSCND Beauty currently sells their products through Instagram, events and the Glenwood Farmer’s Market.

“Part of the intention behind this is a portion of all the proceeds will go to benefit transgender and nonconforming organizing within the state,” said May. “Simultaneously, I’d say half of our client base is trans and gender nonconforming people. There are a lot of people in the process of transitioning.”

May and Cession are thinking of going on a vending circuit for the summer. They hope to expand both the products they sell and eventually involve more people in the project.

Want to learn more? You can go to TRNSCND Beauty’s Instagram account at or on Facebook at