HPU Business Professor Presents Research at International Conferences

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2016)

HIGH POINT, N.C., Oct. 21, 2016 – Dr. Tjai Nielsen, director of executive education and associate professor of management at High Point University, recently presented four research papers at two peer-reviewed international conferences.

 His research covered a variety of topics from transnational diaspora investment, to international business education, to body language, to team and organizational contexts as drivers of performance.

 Nielsen’s first presentation, titled “The Political Motivations of Diaspora Investors: Expanding Existing Models of Multidimensional Investment Drivers,” discussed the motivations of investors who have left their countries of origin but want to invest in them. His research shows that simply making a profit does not explain their motivation to invest, as these investors often want to have a political impact as well.

 Second, Nielsen participated in a panel discussion, “Sequence and Structure in IB Curricula and Programs: Learning Objectives, Study Abroad, and Other Experiential Learning,” that brought together leading international business faculty to discuss best practices for teaching international business to undergraduate students.

 Nielsen also presented a paper, “Exploring the Implications of Team and Organizational Context on Team Performance.” This research focused on organizational teams’ level of autonomy and interdependence as key factors impacting their performance. This study was conducted with a large automotive company.

 Nielsen’s final presentation, “Nonverbal Displays and Social Problem Solving, Self-Esteem, and Optimism,” focused on how body language increases or decreases people’s problem-solving ability, self-esteem and optimism.

 “At first blush these topics seem quite different, but their common bond is represented by an overarching goal to find tangible solutions to address some key needs in global business involving leadership, team effectiveness, educational preparation and international investment,” Nielsen says. “In addition to sharing these insights with international leaders, researchers and practitioners, I do my best to bring them into the classroom with an eye toward engaging students with a myriad of different interests.”


CONTACT: Pam Haynes

Director of Media Relations