Hundreds of Police Supporting Fun Fourth Activities: Safety Urged

(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

GREENSBORO, NC (July 3, 2017) – Nearly 300 additional police officers will be on-duty today and tomorrow to support the many Fun Fourth events in the city. Officers will be on foot, bicycles, Segways, motorcycles, and in marked and unmarked patrol vehicles to provide a safe environment for the thousands of people expected to celebrate our nation’s independence.

In addition to contributing to the overall safety of the race and festivals, officers will provide traffic control and crowd management for the many venues. Other officers will be on the lookout for impaired drivers. Additional Emergency Services personnel, fire officials, and medical providers round out the increased support during the holiday.

Although all events are sufficiently staffed by first responders, police encourage participants to contribute to their own safety.

“Large crowds can be lots of fun and add to the enjoyment of the festivities,” said Officer Trent Walker who developed the operational plans for the events. “But crowds can also present some risks. We are asking people to take a few precautions to protect themselves.”

First, officers encourage everyone to celebrate responsibly. This means limiting alcohol consumption, drinking plenty of water, and not using bootleg or illegal fireworks.

Police also want people to be aware of their surroundings – especially escape routes in the event of an emergency. “Sadly, knowing where you can run or hide in case of danger has become a necessary part of our daily lives,” said Walker.

Whether due to an emergency or just as part of a routine, families and friends should designate a place to meet in case they become separated. Chose a landmark that is easy to remember and easy to find.

Children are often the most at risk in crowds. Encourage them to find a police officer if they get lost. Ensure they know how to contact the adult responsible for them. This could include writing a contact phone number on a bracelet or arm.

Protecting your property requires some extra thought when in a crowd. Keep valuables close to your body; and, don’t leave them on the ground. You might forget them – or they might get stolen.

“Fourth July is supposed to be fun, and it will be if we all do our parts to make it safe,” concluded Walker.