Idiot Box Hosts Tenth Ultimate Comics Challenge in Greensboro

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)

GREENSBORO, NCFor the last nine years, The Idiot Box made it their mission to find the best, funniest stand up comedian.

Now they will commemorate a decade of this hilarious search with Ultimate Comic Challenge X (UCCX) — a stand up comedy competition presented by the Idiot Box every Friday night, from Sept. 8-Nov. 17, with the finals in January.

Entertainers from across the Triad and beyond compete against each other for the top prize, which includes $1,000 and the opportunity to headline their very own comedy show.

“It’s an amazing experience to help comics work towards their goals,” says Jennie Stencel, co-founder of the Idiot Box. “Whether it’s the first time on stage or headlining their first show, we’re proud to help grow the North Carolina comedy scene.”

For the comedians who have won previous Ultimate Comic Challenge competitions, the victory was a stepping stone towards the next crucial phase in their stand-up careers. Past winners include now regional and national touring comedians Eric Trundy, AJ Schraeder, Joe Perrow, Melissa Douty, Alex stone, Jourdain Fisher, Andy Forrester and Mike Hannon.

“For the finalists they get an experience most comics never get — they headline a huge theater of thrilled fans,” Stencel says. “They all make some money, even though the winner gets the big check!”

Each week a group of seven to ten comedians will square off against each other in qualifier rounds wherein the winners are selected by the audience. The comedians who get the most audience votes advance to the semifinals and from there continue on to the final round which will take place at the big stage at the Carolina Theatre in Downtown Greensboro.

This year, no less than 70 comedians will compete against each other for the top prize, including many talented Triad performers like Zo Myers, Dejahzh Hedrick, Lucas Gumbrecht, Tori Chaffee and JD Etheridge.

UCCX qualifier rounds and semifinals will take place at The Idiot Box Theatre, which is located below Geeksboro Coffee and Beverage Company on 2134 Lawndale Drive in Greensboro.

Advanced tickets are $10. For online tickets and show information, visit and can be purchased in advance at