Jehovah Jireh Christian Ministry Hosts Food Drive in High Point

jehovah jireh ministries
(Last Updated On: March 8, 2017)

jehovah jireh ministries
A little church is striving to make a big impact on the hunger that is plaguing High Point communities.

Partnering with the national non-profit, Move for Hunger, Jehovah Jireh Christian Ministry plans to host a food drive from March 11 to the 19. The drive is open for donations of non-perishable food items such as canned fruits/vegetables, pasta, peanut butter, rice and tuna fish.

A small church team including Pastor Gregory Burris, his wife Felicia Burris and Ministry Usher Brandon Littlefield are going to personally distribute all the donations within the High Point community.

This is the ministry’s first major food drive.

“We’re stepping out on faith and seeing how God is going to move and maybe we will have another drive in the future,” said Felicia. “Our community is number one in hungry people in High Point. So many people don’t have jobs here.”

The small team has worked hard to help those in High Point in many other ways as well.

“We not only give and distribute food but clothing, blankets, and we have a van service where we take the guys to fill out applications and once they get a job we take them back and forth to work,” said Pastor Burris.

According to a 2015 poll, the Greensboro and High Point metropolitan areas are among the hungriest places in the United States. The poll was commissioned by the Food Research and Action Center. The poll ranked areas for people who had the most difficulties in getting food based on a percentage of total population.

“The statistics here in North Carolina are staggering about how we are up in number as far as the hungry in the nation,” said Pastor Burris. “That was staggering to me, to know that right here in our own place where we live and even narrowed down to High Point and the community that there are a lot of families who are in need of food.

“I don’t try to figure it out. I just want to know that that child got something to eat that night. We try to put a lot of focus on mothers with children and the elders.”

The coming food drive is one of many steps that Jehovah Jireh Christin Ministry has taken to help the High Point community.

“People tell us good things all the time, but it’s hard for me to be a recipient of it for some reason,” said Pastor Burris. “I don’t look at myself that way. I’m still learning. We’ve been doing this by ourselves for so long.”

A local moving company, City Transfer and Storage, has donated boxes for the upcoming food drive. Felicia said any help is welcome, as resources are something that challenges their work.

“It’s been challenging, but rewarding at the end,” said Pastor Burris. “Spiritual wise, we believe in God’s word that he put us here to help others. We are pretty busy. We take the time out of our personal life and the church itself. We try to balance it all out. We’re a small church, not big in number, not boasting, but we try to make a great impact on the community.”

Wanna help? The food drive will run March 11-19 at Jehovah Jireh Christian Ministry, 1524 Jordan Place in High Point. For more information call Felicia Burris at 336-471-0891.