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Jenna Rice: Beautiful Things

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2017)


Since drawing at a very early age, Jenna Rice has nursed her talent for art and illustration.

Rice works primarily in paint and explores the human body.

“It’s just a part of nature,” said Rice. “I don’t see any shame in the human body. I love painting nudes and recently I’ve been experimenting, doing abstract stuff. I was trying to do something different. I’m trying to create a whole series of these abstract, fluid, colorful, and figurative pieces. I hopefully will get this group of artwork into a gallery at some point. Hopefully in Greensboro or the surrounding area.”

Having graduated with her art degree in 2012 from Florida Southern College, Rice says she owes a lot to her mentor and art professor, Bill Otremsky.

“I was recruited as an art major by the head of the art department, Bill Otremsky,” said Rice. “I just couldn’t thank him enough because I owe it to him for how far I’ve come. Even though he’s no longer my professor, he’s always pushed me and influenced me and has been a really positive influence on my life.”

Since moving to North Carolina, Rice has worked as the program director for the Alamance Arts in Graham. Now she is putting her efforts toward building her own art career.

“I get to do what I love and I get to help people and make people happy by creating beautiful things,” said Rice. “That’s the best part about it, making other people happy and making myself happy by doing what I love.”

Rice recently attended an event at the Bearded Goat for local artists.

“I was chosen to help assist the other artists and do the picnic tables,” she said. “I painted cool, colorful, abstract goats. It was a really big deal to help…because I was able to meet a bunch of other artists and people who may be interested in me doing murals for them and helping to get my name out there.”

“So I think that those goats that I drew on the picnic table are going to really take me places. It definitely helped and just becoming an established part of the art community is really what I’m looking for.”

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