Jury Duty Scam Resurfaces

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2017)

cd4db841-493d-4db8-93a4-4733addc659f-large16x9_scamcallsGREENSBORO, NC (June 8, 2017) –Greensboro police are warning people of the return of a telephone hoax that can lead residents to believe they are in trouble with the law for missing jury duty.

The caller represents himself as a member of local law enforcement, using names such as Sgt. Ryan Walker or Deputy William Hughes. The imposter then explains that the person must pay a fine for being absent from jury duty to avoid arrest. In some instances, the impersonator explains how the person can withdraw money from an ATM or purchase untraceable prepaid debit cards.

If the recipient of the hoax gets payment for the fine and calls the imposter, the criminal may ask for the numbers from the debit card, or arrange a place to meet.

Any person receiving these calls should hang up and not provide any money or personal information to this impersonator. The recipient of the call should not agree to meet the caller.

At no time will law enforcement ever ask for money over the phone to settle a warrant, missed jury duty, or missed court date.

To find out if you missed jury duty, call Trial Court Administrator Craig R. Turner at 336-412-7910. To find out if you have a warrant, call 336-373-2433.