LETTER TO THE EDITOR/OPINION – Police Officer Accused of Using Excessive Force

(Last Updated On: September 14, 2017)


Greensboro, NC –  Greensboro Police Officer, S.A. Alverez, the same officer  who was accused of attacking Jose Charles, is once again being accused of using excessive force against black men in downtown Greensboro, NC. This time his actions are all caught on tape for the public to witness. The Beloved Community Center, Black Lives Matter, Community City Working Group, Greensboro Operation Transparency are all coming together to once against denounce the rogue actions of Alvarez, as well as to denounce the secretive culture of policing here in Greensboro that allows for the actions of officers like Alvarez to continue to go unchecked within our Police Department.

We are also asking that the City of Greensboro immediately get involved to rectify the grave injustice that has been imposed on Mr. Zared Kinah Jones, when he was falsely accused by the Greensboro Police Department of being Drunk and Disorderly and interfering with passage across a sidewalk. The charges that were falsely filed against Mr. Jones were dismissed, only after eight months of court dates and fear of losing his job.

Mr. Jones has asked for the following:

-An apology for the false charges -Accountability for the officers involved in the incident (internal discipline, reprimands, re-training, etc.)

-That the Department relieve Officer S.A. Alvarez of his duties.

From a statement by Graham Holt on behalf of Mr. Jones: “He wants GPD to admit Publicly that his arrest was illegal, That his constitutional rights were violated. That he was arrested because of the color of his skin.  Mr. Jones also wants the City of Greensboro to follow all the recommendations enumerated by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in it’s report on the 1979 Greensboro Massacre. Zared wants peace and Justice.”