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What the hell Were you thinking?

Many of us at square one have been discussing Jordan Green’s recent article about a recent show [“Back to square one: Three bands = one night”; June 17, 2009] and we are really not happy at all about some things he printed. Talking about BYoB and ”blunts” is an open invitation for police to come by and shut down shows if not the venue itself. We haven’t had any problems at all with police in two and a half years and we would really like to keep it that way. But after that article we may not be so lucky. We would much rather you completely ignore us that print things like that. We honestly don’t know what the hell you were thinking. Square One Rent Payer, Greensboro

White (Street) traSh

Brian, Your article on the White street landfill [“The Garbage equation”; June 17 2009] is one of the most informative reports I’ve read concerning the White street landfill vs. transfer station question. I’ll add one consideration that is rarely mentioned in these discussions, and that is waste reduction.

Regardless of where we send our trash, in the long run we need to reduce the amount of garbage we generate. Doing so will extend the life of whatever landfill we’re sending our garbage to, reduce the cost of disposal and conserve resources. In 1988 I was a founding director of a Greensboro group called citizens for Waste Reduction and Recycling. our goal was to educate people to reduce, reuse and recycle. Yes, recycle as much as you can. But even better than recycling is to reuse materials whenever possible. And even better than reusing is to reduce the amount of waste we purchase in the first place. Legislation can achieve some of this, like going back to requiring deposits on bottles and cans, charging by the pound for trash pick-up. much of it is a matter of changing our habits. Buy products with less packaging, and tell the retailer and manufacturer that’s what you want. Bring reusable shopping bags with you to the grocery store. The list of things one can do is endless, and most people are aware of them. It’s time we prioritize waste reduction in our daily lives and ordinances. Truly, Joel Landau, Greensboro

Joel Landau is co-chair of Greensboro’s Community Sustainability Council and a candidate for Greensboro City Council in District 4