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Just wanted to pass on a word of thanks for the stellar review of the PRoJECT PERCoLAToR show last Saturday at the Blind Tiger [“Weider, Holmes impress at the Blind Tiger”; July 22, 2009; by Ryan Snyder]. A big thanks to Doc at the BT for bringing such talent to the Triad to perform for a pitifully small, drunken crowd of college idiots! You could definitely tell the musicians who were actually there for the music and thanks to Ryan for covering it so well!

Sincerely, Bill Fleming, Greensboro


We at Square One thought you may be interested to know that in the wake of Jordan Green’s article a few weeks back [“Back to Square One: Three bands = one night”; June 17, 2009; by Jordan Green] where he mentioned some things that really could have been left out without jeopardizing the overall story, that we have been visited by three undercover police officers, the fire marshal and other people we hadn’t dealt with before, and do not care to deal with now… and the end result is that we are no longer allowed to do shows. Maybe after a few months, some bureaucratic red tape, some structural work and a lot of money we might be able to re-open, but that still remains unclear. We just hope in the future your writers and editors will consider the consequences of a few poorly chosen words or phrases on the community and people trying to operate on a grassroots level. We can’t be 100 percent certain that Jordan’s article is solely responsible, but seems like a bit too much of a coincidence to us. Resultantly, Greensboro is left without a regular venue for independent bands, not to mention fewer opportunities for local bands to be heard and the stagnating effect on the growing underground scene. It’s surprising how much damage one poorly written article in a free paper can do. Square One Rent Payer, Greensboro