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Looking for birth mother

I was born on Oct. 1, 1965, at West Valley Hospital in Encino, Calif. I am looking for my birth mother. Here is what I know. My birth mother was married to a dentist. They lived in North Carolina and they were getting a divorce. She went out one night, I was told New Years Eve, met some guy or it could have been someone she already knew and got pregnant with me. She didn’t want to keep me because she didn’t want to lose her alimony and she didn’t want to lose her two kids, a boy and a girl, both around the ages of 4 or 5 years old, I think. She came out to southern California with her two kids, where her sister lived, around the Simi Valley or San Fernando Valley area to give birth to me. Her sister was married to a guy who worked at Thriftymart, a grocery store. I was told he may have been a manager of one of the stores, probably in Simi Valley or San Fernando Valley. My adopted mother, Leita Harrington, also worked at Thrifty Mart. She was married to my adopted father, Don Harrington. Her best friend, Sandy, also worked at Thrifty Mart. Sandy doesn’t play much of a role in this but someone may recognize her name. My adopted mother, Leita, couldn’t have kids, but she wanted a baby and when she found out, through my birth mother’s sister’s husband, that I was going to be born, she made a deal with my birth mother to take me. My birth mother went into the hospital under my adopted mother’s name and insurance. For this reason I have very little information to go on. It wasn’t a legal adoption. After I was born my birth mother went back, with her kids, to North Carolina. My adopted mother passed away when I was 21 from cancer and I never asked her about where I came from. She never would have told me. Any info I have is what little my adopted father remembers, and he couldn’t remember my birth mother’s name. My adopted moth er’s age is wrong on my birth certificate. It should have been 35 but it says 31. Either there was a typo or they used my birth mother’s age, if so she would be about 71 years old as of 2006. I am not at all upset with my birth mother. I so far have had a great life. My adopted mother was a good mother and I miss her. My adopted father has been a great father and we are very close. But I would like to meet my real mother and I would like to meet my brother and sister. I have never had a brother or sister, so that would be really nice to meet them. If anyone out there has any info or if this sounds familiar to you, please send me a message. I would appreciate you forever! My adopted father suddenly passed away, on the ranch I grew up on, in February 2008. Thanks, Shawn Harrington, Simi Valley, Calif.

Backhand flack

Ryan, I wanted to thank you for your write up on the latest Possum Jenkins release, Collection of Bad Habits [Aug. 5, 2009; by Ryan Snyder]. The band has a massive following in the Triad, with a six-year history we’re all proud of. Each member plays an intricate part in the dynamics of the group, resulting in one the loudest, most unique eruptions of Americana flair to hit the stage. Because the band is so dear to our hearts, I’m compelled to express my disappointment in certain mistakes and omitted notations in your article. Firstly, the band is not a “sextet” but a quintet, composed of Dave Willis, Nathan Turner, David Brewer and Brent Buckner as you mentioned, but also Jared Church, the bassist and pedal steel player, who you failed to mentioned at all in the article. You make a great point in regards to this band’s development as musicians who have evolved, in part, to each member’s ability to play multiple instruments and Jared should surely be recognized as such. Thank you again for your coverage of Possum Jenkins and their whiskey stompin’, flannel-worn, aching wails of musical genius. Thanks! Lindsey Yarborough, Winston-Salem

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