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Not for nothing

Dear Editor: The Democratic majority in the North Carolina Legislature have added surtax to the state income tax. In reality it is a tax on your tax. How does it work? Normally if you and your spouse filed a joint return of $100,000 the tax owed to North Carolina would be $6,787.50. But now the state will now add a 2 percent tax to the amount owed. But wait, it gets even better. Let’s assume that you also own a “C” Corporation in North Carolina. Your Corporation also gets to pay a tax on the corporate tax owed. You can well imagine that companies from other states which can bring us jobs are going to flock to North Carolina so they can pay higher taxes. If you and your spouse earn less than $100,000 don’t worry, they didn’t leave you out. You get to pay a higher sales tax. Don’t you think it’s time for a change in Raleigh? Next year, let’s thank our Democratic members in Raleigh by voting Republican! Sincerely, George S. McClellan, Oak Ridge

A howdy-do

Hey Jordan, Hope you’re summering well. I’ve spent the summer playing with my son Nate (percussionist) and Johnny Hoots (bass). We’re still rolling on at the Garage and, in fact, had our open mic at the Garage second Birthday Bash this past Wednesday, Aug. 12. My bad for not letting you know in time. But it was Nate’s last open mic gig before he heads back to college to do his student teaching. Country Dan Collins and the Fun-O-Meters has stepped out some this summer from the warm confines of open mic. Tonight we’re opening for Doug Davis at the Garage. It’s our third billing there, and we’ve also played at a couple of benefits this summer. Just thought I’d catch you up on my quest for fame and fortune. I almost always catch a pre-game dinner before our open mic with a couple of beers and a sandwich and I almost always have a YES! Weekly spread out before me. I appreciate you and what you do. Swing by anytime, you’ll be welcome. Dan Collins, Winston-Salem

Mo’ better beers

Hey Ryan, We appreciate the publicity and coverage of the Wort Hawgs participation at the Summertime Brews Festival [It’s always summer in Greensboro; Aug. 12, 2009; by Ryan Snyder] but I wanted to ask where the beer-themed quotes you printed in your article came from? When reading the article, it almost comes across as if I said the “vomit” quote. If people reading the article might get the impression that we’re all about strong beer and getting hammered until you puke, and if that’s the case then you have misrepresented us. We’re about promoting the brewing and the responsible consumption of homebrew and craft beer. Tom Nolan, Winston-Salem

Ryan responds:

Tom, Sorry if it came across that way because a misrepresentation of home brewers definitely wasn’t intended, but they were quotes from an episode of the show referenced in the title and in the lead paragraph. I wanted to have a humorous, irreverent angle for the piece because that’s simply my writing style of choice. I don’t think anyone would confuse any of the lede quotes as having come from you since there’s no attribution to begin with, a stylistic practice not common to YES! Weekly or any newspaper, and the theme was firmly established at that point. Could I have plainly said that each of those quotes were from the show? Sure, but that kind of artificial exposition would have only detracted from the intent. The show itself is pretty popular among twenty-somethings and on the plus side, I think the association can only work in your favor with them. I sought enough feedback before I went with that angle that I’m confident that the people who the article, and the festival itself, is primarily aimed at “got” it. Again, I’m sorry if it might have been viewed out of context, but I can assure you that there was no malicious intent in the piece and I’m confident that there was the Wort Hawgs and homebrewers in general were not misrepresented. Ryan Snyder