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You have the most biased “publication” I have ever seen. The fact that you have to give your paper out for free and rely on selling ads explains so much. You continue

to worship the bottom layer of entertainment and tear down anything that looks promising. The way your “paper” is ran is much like that of a middle school lunch room with juvenile politics governing what is covered and how it is presented. These are all reasons that you do not matter. No one will ever rely on you for a source of news or current trends. However, you do serve a few good purposes. Some may need to use you for school projects that involve papier mache, or in some cases if one runs out of toilet paper your services may be required. If I could only choose one word to describe YES! Weekly, it would be “pathetic.” That is all.

Music Guy, Greensboro


Brian, Who wrote the Sept. 8, 2009 cover story “Beasts & Breasts at the State Fair”? I have some comments I would like to share with the author of that article. It was excellent, one of the best I’ve read in some time. I have very similar memories of the “hoochie-coochie” shows from that era in time. Thanks so much for helping me identify the writer (it seemed to be uncredited, maybe for some legitimate reason). If you would prefer, I could send my comments to you, and you could then pass them on to the author for me.

All best, Tom Heldreth, Greensboro

Editor replies: The journalist in question was Greensboro resident Ian McDowell, better known in sci-fi/fantasy circles as the author of Merlin’s Gift and Mordred’s Curse (both of which are still available on


Hello Brian, This is Ashish Thakker, General Manager of JP Looneys on Spring Garden Road.I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for a very well written article in this weeks issue of YES! Weekly [“On Monday night, woings are the thing; Sept. 26, 2009; by Brian Clarey]. I wanted to express our appreciation for the positive things you had to say about our restaurant. I dont know if you remember but I was the one who delivered your wings, excuse me if I gave you a funny look when you took a picture of them. It all makes sense now. I’m glad your experience with us was memorable. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Ashish Thakker, Greensboro