letters to the editor

Help for homeless

The article by Brian Clarey, ”Street Level” and the photos by Lindsay Emeigh [Oct. 7, 2009] were powerful. I’m a pastor near Greensboro and was moved by the words and photos and I have a young adults group that would like to learn more about the camp’s residents and see if we can make a difference. We feel a strong call to learn from those who are on the fringes so we might better serve their needs. We just wanted to know, myself especially, if Mr. Clarey might be able to help us make a connection? No prostelytizing, just social justice, ministries of mercy/relief, just helping out.

Sincerely, Rev. Christopher D. Henson Morris Chapel United Methodist Church, Walkertown

I would like to thank Brian Clarey and Lindsay Emeigh for such a heart felt story! I am a single mother with two beautiful daughters and, because of a car accident in March, I am unable to work either of my two jobs. With your help, I would love to help Cotton with food,clothing, etc. To Kimberly Robinson, Thank you for ”Remembering the golden rule”! Thank you all for your support to the community!

Demika McLean , Greensboro

I read with interest Mr. Clarey’s article on Cotton and Don, et al. Is there a way to contribute a small amount toward her survival? Is anyone doing more as a result of the article?

Betsy Winston, Greensboro

This is Don and I guess I have some explaining to do. I hope this gets through for the other times I wrote came back to me. I figured out that I didn’t get the address correct and the only thing I can think of for that is sleep deprivation. I’ve occupied my time this week in seeking out ways of extricating myself and Cotton from this area. A formidable task and time consuming, but I think possible. The only question is the amount of time it’s going to take. This happens to be a war now that will not end until there is more blood shed, Perhaps Cotton’s or mine or the others seeking revenge. Or even all of us.

It’s not my intention to harm anyone and the events of last week have disturbed me greatly. I stand security watch every night waiting for what will happen and pray that I’m able to remove myself and Cotton before it happens. I guess that’s what you call a homegrown enemy, and they walk the same streets as you and I undetected. They hide in plain sight and look just like anyone.

I’ll write again when I have a chance, We’ve made great strides this past week in finding another place to live legally. Thank you so much for the wonderful article. Cotton was very pleased as I was also.

Don, Greensboro

Glass act Hello Brian, I wanted to say thanks for making me sound half way normal and putting us out there [“Downtown glassworks hits the bricks”; Sept. 30, 2009; by Brian Clarey]. My class is filling up! Big thanks!

Avery Shaffer, Greensboro