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Market forces

Hi Jordan, Just wanted to thank you for another article well written about the problems at the farmers market [“Vendors suspect council members of interfering in market enforcement”; Oct. 7, 2009; by Jordan Green]. We are so glad we finally have someone putting the truth out there about these matters. We only hope you continue to put the truth out there for everyone to see how crooked and unfair the city has been to the people who choose to abide by the rules of the market. Thanks from us and all the vendors who have been hoping we could somehow get these issues resolved.

Sharon Weatherly and John Handler, Climax

Jordan, your reporting, as I have told you personally, is highly commendable and worthy of any raise YES! Weekly might offer. You seem to be indefatigable in your pursuit of stories and your writing is excellent. Would that more reporters performed their jobs half as well as you.

Given the high standards that you seem to set for yourself, I am compelled to correct the small grammatical errors I find. I can’t presume to attain your level as a reporter, but I’m very careful with words. In this case, in the article “Violations of local food rules at market causes strain,” you (or the person on whom you were reporting) confuse “flout” with “flaunt.” It is a curious swap. If indeed “Mary Hess said the rules are being flaunted at the farmers market,” she actually meant “flouted.” To flout is to openly disregard, whereas flaunt is to display proudly. So the message was that some farmers are flouting the rules by openly disregarding them. Had they done so in an ostentatious manner, one could say that they were flaunting the fact that they were flouting the rules.

Your devoted reader and grammar Nazi, John Davis, Greensboro

Thanks for the thorough piece. This is the first detailed account of violations that we have seen in the press.

It amazes me that one farmer admits he was denied a variance, sells the fruit anyway and then says he doesn’t want to break the rules. What part of no does he not understand?

Carol Pryor, Reidsville

Jordan, I am impressed and pleased by your thoroughness and balanced reporting of the information you gathered. Also by thoseyou interviewed and follow-up of the meeting.

Thank you! Mary Hess, Greensboro