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Hearting the homeless

I’m writing to your newspaper for info about an article in your paper about homeless prevention and the Rapid Re-Housing Program [“Prison ministry offers different perspective on crime and punishment debate”; Nov. 11, 2009; by Keith T. Barber]. I currently live at the Bethesda Homeless Center in Winston-Salem for almost 12 months. Before I came here I was in another shelter in Winston-Salem, the Samaritan Homeless Shelter, for four months. I came to the Samaritan after serving 16 months in jail. I would like to become a

productive member of society. I currently work for a temp agency in Winston-Salem when work is available to me. Please send me some info about how to get out of the homeless center and I’ll be okay. I’m tired of being homeless.

Thanks for your time.

Mike Sherrod, Winston-Salem

Cold call

Thank you Brian for allowing Jordan to cover my story of my fight for justice [“Slumlord Millionaire”; Nov. 11, 2009; by Jordan Green]. I need public support especially financially. The devastation of the three defendants (Norman B. Smith, A. Frank Johns and Kelly G. Clark) listed in 09 CVS 13324 have cost me everything. In working with/for my late husband James L. Goodwin, I had an income of at least $31,200 coming in ($15/hr @ 40 hours/week), but currently I have nothing by my VA disability of $123 a month and spending all my time learning and drafting the documents necessary to obtain justice for the wrong(s) that have been done against me, along with caring for my daughter; I do not have the time to work right now.

An update to the lawsuit: Kelly defaulted from pleading and now is barred from submitting anything. I have also asked for this matter to be calendared the week of Dec. 7. I need the financial support to keep my family’s utilities and basic life needs paid. God willing I can make it on donations of approximately $3,000. Please help me push forward in justice and submit my plea for financial support to the public. I would love to have my family in our home before Christmas, or at least have some of the financial restitutuion due to me. Thank you YES! Weekly for taking a stand for equality for all. Bless you all in Jesus name.

Ms. Wesley Goodwin, Greensboro