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Culture clash

No bow

Did you see the picture of our President bowing to the Japanese Emperor Akihito? I don’t think that the president should bow to any dictator or king, curtsey for the Queen, or kiss the Pope’s ring. A handshake would have been enough. At least he didn’t hold hands with the Saudi Arabian dictator like our last President.

The man he bowed to is the son of Hirohito. He was a “god-king.” Many Japanese people worshipped him as a god, and would have followed any order he gave. Hirohito’s Japan helped form the original “Axis of Evil” with Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. And of course there was the attack on Pearl Harbor, the rape of Nanking, the Bataan Death march, etc. I still don’t understand why the US government didn’t remove

Hirohito from the Japanese throne and charge him with war crimes.

No American president, or any American citizen, should bow to any king, emperor, warlord or dictator.

Chuck Mann, Greensboro Class act

I just picked up a YES! Weekly for the first time in a few months. So glad you guys are now bolstering serious stories and local/national politics & have moved away from the whole titty-centric layouts. Very proud of the new classy approach and design. Kudos.

Kevin, via