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Dear Editor, The elderly in this country are being singled out unfairly by this so-called Healthcare Reform Bill. If this bill passes and I hope it does not, as it is nothing more than another tax bill, the elderly will face dire straits. It is hard enough for the elderly to choose between medicine and food as it is now. It is sad that this president has all but said that those people who have worked all of their lives paying into this system without little complaint mean less than those elitists who are nothing more than liars, deceivers and use the system to make money for themselves. I personally have written to many of our representives complaining about the lack of concern for our elderly but have not received any responses,especialy from the Democrats, who apparently have already made up their minds concerning this piece of lame leglislation (Sen. Kay Hagan never seems to answer her e-mails when you write to her concerning this particular piece of leglislation — apparently she turns a deaf ear when it comes to defying the almighty Obama, so my only recourse is to write to Sen. Richard Burr or Rep. Howard Coble). Apparently Obama forgets that many of the elderly have fought valantly for this country and deserve better treatment from the government. For the sake of our older warriors, who many have served in our wars and fought our battles, lets hope that the Republicans along with disgruntled Democrats, or Democrats who fear losing their seats in the next election cycle, there will be enough votes to filibuster this Healthcare Reform Bill, or defeat it altogether, so the elderly will, at least, have a chance of survival.

Sincerely, Steven M. Shelton, via

Editor replies: I have not read the bill in its entirety, so I may have skimmed over the part that throws grandma under the bus. I’ll have to take a look, because I love my grandma.