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Shelton on your side

Dear Editor, Anyone who uses these aniti-smoking programs called cessna programs should read the warning labels very carefully as these programs can have some very dangerous side effects. There is one call Chantix which has a side effect which can literally cause an invidiual to have suicidal tendencies. The warning labels on these cessna programs clearly state that if any user of these programs have that if anyone is having any type of suicidal tendicies should stop using this cessna program and seek immediately seek medical attention.

My question is this: Why would anyone be allowed to sell these apparently lethal drugs? The only answer I can figure out is that those who are determined to make you stop smoking will do anything to make you stop at all cost.

This is not the only one on the market which more than likely can cause long-term damage. It really iritates me that there is hardly anything said about this issue. There are also several that have been taken off the market completely known to actually have side effects so lethal that the FDA removed them from the market.

I am bringing this issue up because I just do not want those who think these programs will not have longterm side effects to venture into health problems down the road. Somebody should be watching those who despense these programs to make sure they explain to the person who purchases them the side effects and the person purchasing them shoud read the documentation very carefully.

Please be careful using these programs and don’t believe all the hype and what you see on television because those are paid commercials by big drug manufacturers who will essentially tell you anything to make their monetary gain even bigger. Also, most insurance doesn’t cover these cessna programs so you will have to shell out quite a bit of money out of your own pocket. Just be careful!

Sincerely, Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro

Christmas and its true meaning

While we all celebrate Christmas this week we must keep in mind what this holiday is all about. Throughout the years many other trappings have been added which have really diverted our society from the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is foremost and only the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came to our world to save mankind from their sins. Someone has recently said that if we had needed someone to paint artistic works God would have sent a great artist. If we had needed someone to build famous buildings God would have sent a great architect. If beautiful music was our greatest need, God would have sent to mankind a composer. But our greatest need is to be forgiven of our sins and so God sent a Savior. Jesus is God in physical form come to earth to die on a cross, but to rise from the grave in order that sinful man with all of his deceit, unbelief and immorality might come to Him to be forgiven. Take time to read the Christmas stories from Matthew chapters 1 and 2, and from Luke chapters 1 and 2. Come to Jesus Christ in humility and repentance so you may have the best Christmas of all.

Rev. Sid Stewart, Trinity


Dear Keith, I just caught my breath and read the review you wrote [“New and improved Nutcracker production a singular success”; Dec. 9, 2009; by Keith T. Barber]. It means a lot to me and all of those that worked on the production. Thank you for enjoying the production and recognizing the things I had hoped one might. Have a good Holiday.

Best, Ethan Stiefel, Winston-Salem

Ethan Steifel is dean of the UNC School of the Arts School of dance and a principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre.