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One of Greensboro’s three assistant police chiefs has been suspended for some reason, but the people of Greensboro will never know why. If a governmnet employee does something illegal, or unethical then he should be fired. If he isn’t fired, then the people should at least know what he did wrong. I wish I could be suspended with pay for three weeks.

Chuck Mann, Greensboro

The Supreme Court has just passed a huge “corporation stimulus package.” Five Supreme Court justices have decided that companies, unions and other corporations can spend millions of dollars supporting or opposing candidates who are running for president or Congress. This is a big victory for Big Business, Big Labor and any individual that wants our country to be a plutocracy.

Suppose a candidate runs for Congress and his main goals are to eliminate bank bailouts and increase taxes on bankers’ bonuses. Banks all over the country would be allowed to spend millions of dollars opposing him. Suppose a candidate for president states that since the people own the airwaves, all TV and radio programs should be part of the public domain. Every TV, radio and cable station would be allowed to spend millions of dollars opposing her.

The Supreme Court believes that corporations should have a special Constitutional “free speech” right to spend more money on political campaigns. They already have the rights to advertise, lobby and contribute money to political events. They have more “free speech” rights than we citizens have. By the way, why does the Supreme Court consider corporate spending on politics to be free speech ?

Companies, unions, churches and all other corporations should be banned from contributing money to political parties and candidates.

Chuck Mann, Greensboro