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The Forsyth County commissioners that want Christian prayers before meetings [“Forsyth prayer vs. NC gambling”; staff editorial; March 3, 2010] should read the Bible. According to the New Testament Jesus said that people who pray in public are hypocrites. Maybe they should practice what Jesus preached. This is a good example of why our country needs a seperation of church and state. Chuck Mann, Greensboro


Dear Editor, I’ll try not take up to much of your time but I wanted to relate a story that left a bad taste in my mouth.

You are well aware that we have had several snow falls this season that have resulted in school being cancelled. I have one son who at the time was 12. There were also two neighbor boys probably about 9 or 10 years old.

One day they were out in the front yard thowing snowballs at cars that were driving by on the neighborhood road. I live in Ridgewood: same place as Harlon Costner. I was not aware my son and his friends were throwing snowballs. I probably would not have cared if they were. I’m from Ohio and that’s basically what we did back in the ’70s.

Anyhow, there was a knock at my door. When I answered, I was greeted by a man who stated, “Hi. I am candidate for sheriff Harlon Costner.” I said, “Well, how do you do. You must be out greeting for voting!” I mean, why else would someone walk up to a stranger’s house and introduce himself that way? Mr. Costner ignored my response and went on to say that there were boys out in my front yard throwing snowballs at cars and that when he stopped and got out of his car, they took off running. I relayed to him that one of the boys was probably my son with two younger friends. I also said I’d take care of it. Which I did.

My point is, I feel that it was very inappropriate for ostner to identify himself and flip that phrase “candidate for sheriff’ out there as if it gave him some kind of authority. He tried to act as if it did. He should only have introduced himself as “Harlon Costner, one of your neighbors.”

To me it says a lot about a man that would do such a thing; very ego driven, very self-centered and a tendency to try to bully. Not the kind of person I would want to possess the authority and responsibility that goes along with an important position like Guilford County sheriff. I just thought I had an opportunity and civic obligation to shed a little light on someone before they got voted into office.

Thanks for Your Time.

David Gibson, Greensboro


Dear editor, It is apparent that Chief Bellamy has essentially ruined the Greensboro Police Department. He has allowed officers to get by with just about anything they have wanted to over the past four years. There have been officers who have been less than honest and are still able to work for his department. It is time to clean up a department which, onlyseveral years ago, was one of the most well respected (of its size) in the nation. It is a crying shame that this city has had to go through all of this turmoil over these many years and lets hope the next chief will bring back the dignity and respect the citizens of Greensboro and the police departent deserve for the betterment of our wonderful city.

Sincerely Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro


Hi Brian, Your article “The Big Pitch” describes to a “T” the Get Motivated Series Event held at Honda Center, Anaheim, Calif. [Crashing the Gate; June 3, 2009]. Only the center has more “bees” than what you described: “Greensboro Coliseum buzzing like an orchard hive in springtime.” But let me tell you, we had to fight traffic too and ate Honda Center’s pricey hot dogs and chips.

You really crack us (me and my husband) up and can’t help but remember how I fell for the $99 deal, complete with pushing and shoving to get the application with their boards. Today and tomorrow, Wealth Investor will have their last seminars here in Southern California which I backed out at the last minute.

Thanks for the enjoyable article and reaffirming the “The Big Pitch.” Benita, Anaheim, Calif.


On Monday, March 1, on my way to work in downtown Greensboro I was detained at 7:30 a.m. by a “standard license and registration check” manned by seven or eight members of the Greensboro Police Department on Spring Garden Street between Mendenhall Street and the Eugene Street bridge. The officer manning the actual check demanded my information

and then proceeded to detain me while they processed my information. After waving a few cars through the officer gave my registration nback and said he had misread the expiration date on my card and I was free to go.

My problem is first of all that I have worked in small businessess in the downtown area for at least 10 years as a chef at Liberty Oak, Ganache, Catering by Ellyn and currently at Grey’s Tavern and I consider myself an incredibly prompt professional income generator for my family and for the city of Greensboro. The un-American business of stopping people on their way to work put my entire week into a tailspin and I would like to know why the city of Greensboro allows the police to limit our privacy traveling to and from work or to express ourselves, diminishing my dignity and self respect as a free individual by demanding like they do in Cuba or Iran my papers and reason for traveling to and from whereever I want to go for whatever purpose I choose.

I choose to be at work early every day. I work seven days a week downtown and eventually would love to open my own restaurant but I will not consider downtown Greensboro if the police continue to unconstitutionaly detain and harass my vendors, guests, coworkers or any person without cause.

One last note: Do we really need eight police officers to perform this type of oppressive bullying of the people who pay their salaries? They were set up from at least 7:30 till 10 a.m. and I belive that is a tremendous waste of resources as well.

Freedom of speech and the freedom to assemble and the right to not be searched unreasonably are what separates us from the rest of the world and I will not stand for this. Part of these rights is the ability to move freely without harassment. Scott Seymour, Greensboro


Dear editor: To all of those who called, visited, e-mailed, texted or wrote in to express their concerns about my unscheduled visit to High Point Regional recently, I am pleased to report that I am feeling great and back at work. I want to publicly thank High Point Rotary Club, High Point Country Club, Guilford County EMS personnel and the entire medical team at High Point Regional Hospital for their care and concern after I fainted.

While I was being treated, I kept thanking everyone for all of the special attention I was receiving — and to a person — they kept reminding me that everyone receives the same level of care. What that reinforced in me is that we are lucky to live in such a special place with caring and dedicated professionals throughout our community. Again, thank you to all who expressed their concern for my well-being.

Sincerely, Rep. Howard Coble. 6th District of NC, US Congress