letters to the editor

by YOU!

DEFENDING CHECKPOINTS Dear Mr. Seymour, I commend you for being someone who gets to work early, and works seven days a week. Your letter {LTE; March 10, 2009] paints a very bitter picture of a simple police checkpoint that happened to be during morning travel hours. Your week was sent into a tailspin? You view this as oppressive bullying? Your dignity was diminished? How so more than any other citizen who works just as hard or harder than yourself and drove through the same checkpoint?

I have been through numerous license and registration checks in the day and mostly at night which obviously target drunk driving. But one the greatest benefits of these checkpoints is that they remove hazardous drivers, convicted felons and uninsured and unlicensed drivers from the road. If you think you were inconvenienced by this license check, then pity on you, sir. I truly hope that you never get hit by a drunk driver with no license and no insurance. Then and only then will your world go into a tailspin and you will truly know what it feels like to be inconvenienced. What about the individuals who happen to be driving home from a second or third shift? They might find themselves going through some sort of police checkpoint. What about the sober, law-abiding drivers who go through them? You are not the only person to ever be delayed by a checkpoint.

As a patron of several of the businesses you mentioned, I find it hard to believe that any of your managers would frown on you being late because you were stopped by a checkpoint. Also, you claim you would not open a business in downtown due to the police department’s “actions”? What an arrogant thing to say, but that is certainly your opinion. I hope that all downtown business owners read your initial letter. They depend on the Greensboro police to keep their businesses and patrons free from harm. I guess you should consider leaving even earlier now to avoid the pressure of being a law-abiding citizen. Joe Henzler, Greensboro


Dear editor, Why does Barack Obama keep on insisting he is right and the vast majority of Americans are wrong? Is his ego so big that he feels he has a right to thump his nose up at the vast majority of the American people? I read on the internet where he has canceled his trip to Asia so he can push this junk bill as far as it will go until it is passed, and he can take over the healthcare system. In my opinion, he is nothing less than a dictator who is doing his best to unravel everything the American people have enjoyed, including the Constitution, over the past 200 years. If he somehow succeeds — and lets hope and pray he doesn’t — this is just the start of a totalitarian society where the government will rule every aspect of our lives. I hope there will be enough politicians in Washington DC who will show enough gumption to vote against this bill before it’s too late.

Sincerely, Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro

COBLE-ICIOUS Dear editor: I want to take this opportunity to thank Rep.

Howard Coble for being the only member of the United States Congress who refuses to participate in the Congressional Pension Plan. I also want to thank him for voting against the budget-busting 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (also known as the non-stimulating stimulus bill). In addition, thank you Howard for your decision to vote against the liberal Democratic administration and Congressional majority attempts to take over the healthcare industry. While Rep. Coble doesn’t deny that there are problems with our current healthcare insurance system he also believes that there are sensible and budget-conscious solutions to those problems that will not involve adding more than a trillion dollars to the US debt or raising taxes that a majority of Americans do not want. It is for these reasons that I will vote for Rep. Howard Coble in the May 4 primary.

Sincerely, George S. McClellan, Oak Ridge


Dear editor, I wanted to highlight Montlieu Elementary School in High Point. This school has had its fair share of staffing issues, disciplinary problems, low test scores and lack of community involvement. Just seeing a child at school was a success.

I was “Principal for a Day” at Montlieu Elementary on Feb. 23, a program sponsored through Guilford County Education Alliance. This program allows businesses and organizations the opportunity to visit a school and shadow the principal. It increases public awareness of the accomplishments and challenges of Guilford County Schools.

New year, new principal, new attitude!

Principal Jill Hall and her staff have made some wonderful changes. They have implemented new programs such as “PBS” — Positive Behavior Support, the “M&M Club” and a partnership with High Point University. Educating kids is a priority for Hall and her staff.

I encourage each person in our community to take action. We need more male role models for our youth. Be involved! Become a breakfast or lunch buddy to your child. Work on school beautification! Go visit Montlieu Elementary!

I applaud Ms. Hall and wish her continued success!

Sincerely, Trudy Williams, High Point


Dear editor, I would like to take a moment to ask if we could try to clean up Cedarock Park? I was there recently with my son and we ran into several male adults doing drugs in the park while playing disc golf. They were well into their 30s. I would like to be able to take my child there without having to worry about such issues.

Thank you for your time, Terry Flint, Burlington