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I want to thank my congressman, Rep. Howard Coble, for standing up against the Obama healthcare plan last weekend. At a time when Americans are outraged at their government because it seems the majority of our legislators do not listen to the people they are supposed to represent, I am proud that Congressman Coble listens to his constituents and votes accordingly.

Congressman Coble comes home every weekend to be with the people he represents so well. He can be found at parades, barbecues, town meetings, grand openings, meeting with constituents, eating breakfast at the local restaurant, and he is never too busy to say hello and ask how you are doing. He cares, at a time when it feels like no one else does. I wish we had 434 representatives just like him.

I am pleased and honored to call Howard Coble my congressman, and that is why I will vote for him on May 4.

Sincerely, Kathy Huffine, Greensboro


Dear editor, Most people are not angry about passage of the healthcare reform bill, but rather at the way the bill was passed. This bill was clearly passed through backroom promises, adjustment in the laws and downright lies. For example, individual congressmen and congresswomen who received monies for their states is nothing more than a form of fraud, and the president signing an executive order just so he could push this bill over the top is a direct hit to those anti-abortion congressmen groups who would have voted against this bill to make them vote for this bill. If you have read any portion of this bill you will know that it is nothing more than a junk bill designed to add 39 million more people to the insurance rolls, which essentially benefits the big insurance industry.

What about the $3,000 fine a person will receive if he or she doesn’t purchase healthcare insurance? Where does this money go? Who benefits from it? Why are there $533 billion in Medicaid cuts? Why do illegal immigrants benefit from this bill? Why are there 20 hidden taxes in this bill? These are only some of many questions people should be asking themselves.

Fourteen states thus far have filed suits indicating that this bill is unconstitutional. Lets hope more and more states do the same so we can stop this crazy madness and those backdoor deals, which says quite a bit about the inner workings in Washington DC.

Sincerely, Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro


Dear editor: As budget time approaches, all governmental officials are searching for ways to do more with less, not unlike each of us taxpaying citizens.

Whether elected officials are budgeting for the local community, state or nation, they must examine and re-examine that which is essential to the economic, safety, education, health and quality of life for everyone in our community. As this examination occurs, these elected officials will find that our public library contributes to each of these essential services and more.

As unemployment rates continue to remain above 11 percent in Guilford County, people come to the library seeking job assistance from the Career Counseling service and to use computers for job searching, resume development and job application; small businesses are using the business library services; the general public is checking out library books, videos and other printed material that heretofore these users may have purchased; and people of all ages, races, religions and economic and educational levels are coming to the library for entertainment. There are statistics to sup port this: Library card increase is up almost 21 percent, circulation is up over 10 percent and reference requests are up 14 percent.

The American Library Association compared the Greensboro Public Library to peer libraries across the nation (those libraries located in similar population areas with nine or less branch libraries) and found that the Greensboro Public Library provides 16.32 percent more service hours than average, spends 18.26 percent less than average, has 22.31 percent fewer staff members and 24.43 percent fewer holdings than peer libraries.

Another thing taxpayers want to know is what they are getting for their investment. With the public library you are getting a return value estimated at $5.64 for every $1 of tax investment.

Our public library is stretched. Service, hours and quality of holdings cannot be maintained without sustaining financial support from all elected bodies and the community. If you are one of the nearly 1 million people who have used the Greensboro Public Library this year and want the hours, service, material availability and programs such as One City, One Book, Poetry Festival, children’s programs, book club programs and other services to continue as you know and use them now, there is no better time for you to let your support be known.

Willie Taylor, Greensboro Chair

The writer is the chair of the Greensboro Public Library’s Advocacy Committee.