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I think that it is time that an American Indian was appointed to the Supreme Court, and I think that she should be a woman.

Chuck Mann, Greensboro


The layout of your paper is confusing. The placement of articles is sporadic and is not reader friendly. I don’t know who is putting your paper together every week but please get it together! I also would like to know about music events before the event, not after. You should tell good ol’ Ryan that if he wants to see larger, more culturally relevant acts come to the area he should inform folks of who is coming, what they are about, time and place of the show. I care nothing about if he had a good time or not… what the hell makes this kid credible? He went to Bonnaroo a few times, and probably has 15 bootleg Phish tapes? I am sick of reading his intellectual afterthoughts.

It means nothing to me, or any of my peers who travel to places like Asheville to hear some decent music. They have a little paper there called the Mountain Express very similar to YES! Weekly. However that paper is coveted and anticipated every week, not used for a cat-box liner, which seems to be where yours always ends up.

I hate to be nasty, but lets face it I am. After many months of being fed up I can’t stand it anymore. Your paper is a joke, completely irrelevant and frankly a waste of trees. One day maybe you people will care about being interesting, informing people in your community, and inspiring people to participate locally. The community’s voice is lost somewhere between strip-club adds and boring humdrum. Until you people face some hard facts, like your paper is a joke, then YES! Weekly is a really a DON’T!

Tegan Short


Hi Ryan, Thanks for coming to Greensboro College and putting together that article on the pop songs class [“Let’s make a list: Greensboro College class pours over great pop”; April 14, 2010; by Ryan Snyder]. I was reading some of your other articles, you have some cool insight and it sounds like you get to cover some cool stories!

Thanks again, Aaron Weibe, USAF Heritage of America Band


There is a fresh new face running for public office. His name is Jon Hardister, a conservative Republican.

I have known Jon and his family for more than 20 years. During this time I have witnessed Jon develop into a person who is mature with a passion for solid fiscal Republican values.

Jon is serious minded with a good grasp of the issues that need fixing in NC. We need a fresh set of eyes looking at how to get this done at the local, county and state level. Jon’s platform of lower taxes, limited government and fiscal responsibility is what we sorely need at this time.

I plan to work on Jon’s behalf to get him elected and hope you will join me in this effort. It’s time for a change.

Larry Conterno, Greensboro


Dear editor, I have become used to Alexander Cockburn’s constant anti-Semitic remarks. While he disparages all on the right for ideological reasons, he spews hatred to those on the left seemingly only when they are Jewish (Rahm Emanuel, Joe Lieberman, David Axelrod, Abraham Foxman, Alan Dershowitz, etc.) apparently not wanting to be associated with having any Jews in his “club.” And of course his outright contempt that a Jewish state, such as Israel, even is allowed to exist is well known. Yet this time he has gone over the top.

In his “Gulag Ag versus the White House Egg Roll” [April 7, 2010] screed against American turkey farms, he includes out of nowhere this little nugget of wisdom: “Every Thanksgiving, the US president pardons a turkey, a cute ceremony — in fairness, Obama did not look enthusiastic — as repulsive as would have been the spectacle of Adolph Hitler excusing from the gas chamber on each anniversary of Kristallnacht a Jew imported for the ceremony from Auschwitz.” How can the two possibly be equated?

Unless its simply that Jews should be considered no different from turkeys, and gassing Jews in concentration camps during the Holocaust is no worse than slaughtering turkeys to eat. In Cockburn’s mind, its a syllogism.

Of course Cockburn has the right to make blatantly anti-Semitic statements, but you are under no obligation to publish them. Shame on you for doing so. You should be embarrassed to be running his columns. I expect you are not, but you should be.

Jac C. Heckelman, Winston-Salem


Dear editor, The attorney general should have taken this opportunity to join the 15 other states in repealing this healthcare reform bill. This healthcare reform bill contains cuts in Medicaid and has 20 different hidden taxes in it, including a $3,000 fine for those persons who do not purchase healthcare.

This alone is going to have a major impact on the average working men and women throughout North Carolina and this nation. If a person could afford a $3,000 fine, he or she could go ahead and purchase healthcare for themselves and their families.

The attorney general, the governor and our senator[s] should have voted against this bill and fought it with every inch of their being. Instead, they have chosen to put party loyalty above and beyond the concerns of the people of North Carolina. It must be one reason why their approval ratings are in the cellar.

In November, we have a great chance to make some great changes in Washington DC and North Carolina if we get out and vote. Please get out and vote, so we can send those, who want listen to the people, home for good.

Sincerely, Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro


In recent months opposition to the current administration’s agenda has mutated into an anti-incumbent backlash. Congressional approval ratings hover in the low teens and Americans appear generally willing to “kick the bums out” come November. Across many districts in this country, anger at incumbents is justified; they have not accurately represented what their constituents have asked for. But not in the 6 th District of North Carolina.

Our congressman, Howard Coble, has for years represented our district, stood up for our interests and protected our values. Howard, as he would undoubtedly beg of me to address him, is a true conservative who stood up against the wasteful stimulus, the trillion-dollar cap-andtrade legislation and Speaker Pelosi’s reckless healthcare bill. On May 4, North Carolinians will vote in the primary elections. Rather than going to the polls in a blanket attempt to remove the incumbents, look at what your incumbent in the 6 th District is doing for us.

I proudly support Congressman Coble and his dedicated and principled conservative leadership. In our desire to “kick the bums out” let’s make sure we don’t kick out a true champion of our own values in the process.

Will McKeen, Oak Ridge

Moderating candidate forums here for over three decades allowed me to get to know hundreds of politicians and political wannabes. This year, reading letters to the newspapers and attending candidate forums has been an eyeopener.

Looking closely at the candidates seeking the seat of 6 th District incumbent Howard Coble, you realize that the voters don’t know how lucky they are and have been to have Howard as “our representative.” Howard Coble is not only our congressman, he is “our” representative. He works for us.

Howard Coble is accessible. When you need him he is there to help you navigate the federal bureaucracy.

He is there for us and he and his staff can make things happen. I know of many examples but a personal one tells the story. We had planned a family vacation, the first in more than 25 years. One son forgot to renew his passport. Howard and his staff made it happen. We got the passport and enjoyed the family trip.

We need Howard Coble in Washington. We need him to represent us. We know what he believes in. A vote for Howard Coble on May 4, will be an investment in our future. We have had enough “change.”

Gene Bohi, High Point