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Dear Editor, My husband and I recently went to a fundraiser for a nice young man, Jon Hardister, who is running for state House District 57. We were so impressed with the way he presented himself, his fresh ideas and his desire to make a difference. If ever there is a time when we need new blood and new ideas with the issues we are currently facing, it is now. Jon certainly fits the bill with his commitment to downsize government, lower taxes, and bring trust to representation.

Please vote for Jon Hardister in the primary on May 4. He is the candidate who will truly represent our citizens.

Micki Ferraro Jones, Greensboro

I am writing this letter to express my support for State House candidate Jon Hardister. I am a senior citizen and I have known Jon for a number of years. There is no question that Jon is a person of integrity and he has sincere concerns about the issues that are facing our citizens.

When elected to the state House Jon will fight to lower our taxes, eliminate wasteful spending and limit the size of government. He will use a common sense approach to address the problems that we are being faced with. Jon will bring forth the passion, energy, and integrity that we need in representation.

We simply can’t continue with the status quo. It’s time to elect a fresh face with new ideas to represent us in our state’s capital. Please join me and vote for Jon Hardister on May 4.

Tom Luper, Greensboro