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REAL TEA Just a few lines of commendation for your article on the 2010 Tax Day Tea Party [“Having their tea and drinking it, too”; APril 21, 2010; by Jordan Green]. While the context was a bit diffuse and scatter-gun, the information was well researched and written without precipitous left-leaning prejudice. I very much appreciate that effort, and so offer kudos to the reporter and editor for a job well done. Hope to see this level of professionalism continue!

Michael Kelley, Greensboro

BEGGING TO DIFFER I recently read your ranking on the karaoke around Greensboro area [Best of the Triad; April 28, 2010]. You must be kidding me right? Ham’s Resturant has the best karaoke? LOL. I sing karaoke four nights per week, I have been to every single karaoke bar in Greensboro. The best one is Dave Diamond at the Green’s Supper Club on Highway 29, and the running up is Copper Ale House on West Market Street.

Thanks, Jim Love, Greensboro

RACIST, SEXIST, HOMOPHOBIC AND INSANE Does Jordan Green even realize the blatant condescension in his April 29th column (“Can we have a sane immigration debate?”) Unless you support amnesty for illegal aliens you are not merely wrong, but racist, sexist, homophobic, and now apparently insane.

Arizona’s situation is analogous to homeowners who find intruders in their house, call the sheriff repeatedly, and are told nothing can be done. When the homeowners (Arizona) in desperation try to remove the intruders themselves, the sheriff finally shows up and insists the burglars be given their own room and access to the fridge.

Unless Arizona police start doing warrantless, no-knock searches of Hispanic homes, Green’s Constitutional arguments are pure hogwash. Police make judgments every day about whether people are intoxicated, mentally ill, etc. If you stop someone who can’t speak English and has no ID, it is not an unreasonable assumption that this person may be illegal.

It is interesting that advocates of amnesty will not call things by their correct names. These people are illegal workers, not undocumented ones. My dad, a retired pharmacist, saw a bumper sticker that summe it up best: “Calling an illegal alien an undocumented resident is like calling a crack dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

Jeff Pickett, Franklinville

STEVEN’S SOAPBOX Anyone who thinks this healthcare reform debacle is free had better think again as it contains 20 new taxes to be implemented over the next 10 years. Moreover, there are numerous cuts in Medicaid and a $3,000 fine for those persons who chose not to purchase healthcare insurance.

The healthcare reform is clearly designed to give the insurance companies 39 million more customers, making the insurance companies more wealthy, while the average working man, the elderly and the poor will have to make sacrifices such as choosing between food and medicine.

Our representatives in Raleigh and Washington should be ashamed of themselves for supporting this bill and the attorney general should be just as ashamed for not taking the necessary steps to make a wrong right by not joining 15 other states in suing the federal government.

In November, we can change this by voting against those who have given the vast majority of us voters the silent treatment by going to the polls and taking back our country from those representatives who put party politics above the reach of the vast majority of the American people.

Sincerely, Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro


Dano Keeney provided photos of local baseball players, reproduced in the Greensboro Grasshoppers Guide, but was not credited. We apologize for the error. Dano Keeney Photography —, 336- 516-4789.

When the new police chief is officially hired, his or her hiring should be because of qualifications and not race like the last several chiefs. It is imperative considering Chief Wray had the unfortunate bias against him from some of the racist black community. In truth, I would like to see Chief Wray, as we all know; he was a victim of a smear campaign by a group of less than officers who had a vendetta against him. I realize his tenure has come and gone now, but many still feel the he deserves an apology from the city and his unpaid legal bills paid as this situation has dragged on for long enough.

He ran one of the top departments in the nation of its size. He has gotten no credit from any of his subordinates. Some have supported him throughout this episode while others have chosen to choose sides and do everything they could to undermine his authority. They have caused this wonderful city enough strife over these many years and should be ashamed of themselves. You know who you are. You are the same people who could care less about serving the citizens of Greensboro as much as you are concerned with your own selfishness and greed. It is time to crack down of some of these corrupt officers and bring them to justice. I realize they will use the race card because they have done previously as it’s their typical way of doing things to get what they want without earning it.

When the new chief is finally selected, I hope he will be able to restore some credibility back into the Greensboro Police Department because the citizens deserve no less from the department they depend on to protect them in their everyday lives.

Sincerely Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro