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Hello MerleFest sponsor!

Just a note of sincere thanks for being a part of MerleFest 2010! It was an awesome festival and we appreciate your part in making it a great success.

I had so many wonderful comments about how impressed people were with our sponsor participation. Your hard work and contributions make MerleFest our largest and most successful fundraiser for Wilkes Community College.

We just cannot say thank you enough! Looking forward to 2011!

Best, Rusty Lee


To the editor:

Over 200 American citizens from 27 states have filed a legal action that will greatly benefit your readers. The defendants are officials of the Federal Reserve System, Wall Street banks and individuals of the six bank regulators.

One basis for the action is the Fed is not an independent government agency. The complaint, filed in Charlotte, proves the 12 Fed Banks, lending us paper money they illegally create, are owned by Wall Street banks. Citizens have paid $7 trillion to borrow their own money. Its recovery will be distributed to the states. A million seconds is 13 days, a billion are 31 years, a trillion are 31,688 years. Hugh W Johnston, Gastonia