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Dear editor, The pool hall owner has a right to run his business any way he so chooses without the intrusion of the government whether it is the local government, state government or the federal government. If somebody does not want to patronize his business, he does not have to step a foot into his establishment. These bans are clearly designed to collect monetary gains for the particular government entity. It has nothing to do with health issues or any other issues. It is clearly a ploy by the government establishment to control our habits or anything else we like to do. I can almost hear these control freaks saying right now, “We know what’s best for you.” Follow our advice and everything will be fine. They’re about as far from the truth as it gets. There is no way anyone can predict what is going to happen down the road and it is time to repeal these bans before these same persons end up telling us what programs we can and cannot watch. Better be careful folks or we are going to end up with a totalitarian country.

Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro


Party on the Plank, a vision for cultural renewal in the heart of High Point, had a great opening night. Due to threat of rain our team moved the festival to a new location, under the Mendenhall Transportation Terminal, with one and a half days notice. The rain held off, but people still enjoyed the location and the event.

A Touch of Class and Part-Time Party Time Band were performing with a surprise half-time show by T. Wingate Andrews High School Drum Line. Numerous food and retail vendors were in attendance, with a cross section of Mexican, Italian and American foods.

Based on ticket sales, participating vendors, volunteers, kids and our VIP guests, we estimate our opening night attendance was well over 800 people. As word of mouth spreads and school gets out next Thursday, we anticipate this number will grow significantly moving into next week’s event.

Next Thursday, fourth-round “American Idol” contestant Katelyn Marks and legendary reggae band Pure Fiyah will be performing. The Hi-Toms baseball franchise will also be giving away 2,000 free baseball tickets. Weather permitting, we plan to hold the entire event in the High Point Library parking lot next week. We do not plan to use Elm Street — the library footprint is sufficient, at 40,000 square feet. Based on attendee feedback, we will make a decision at that point about our venue for the remaining four weeks.

Thank you again for your support and attendance at this event. Please pass the word to friends and co-workers who haven’t heard about it yet.

Thanks, Elijah Lovejoy. High Point


I usually agree your editorials and opinions.

However, I beg to differ with your opposition to UNCG expanding to the Glenwood area. In order to fully understand and appreciate other races and cultures, one need to live on campus. There is mingling in classes but nothing like it is in the dorms and in the cafeterias. I also believe a UNCG police substation would make the campus safe.

The proposed limits on student enrollment in the UNC system is also a mistake.

The many out of state students enhance the schools’s stature and prestige.

Skip Dalton, Greensboro