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Dear editor, This letter is in reference to an article by Jordan Green in the July 21-27 edition [“Some on council acknowledge police concerns as process to select new chief unfolds”]. On page 12 Mr. Green refers to a Greensboro resident, Tim Hopkins, as a “revolutionary communist”. As far as I know, and I do know Mr. Hopkins casually, he has never fought in or been a part of any communist revolution. He seems to be more of a house painter who tries to influence young, college age hipsters into following a pathetic, outdated, and unworkable political system. I think it would be a service to our community if people like him were referred to in a more accurate manner.

Regards, John Norton, Greensboro

BURGER LOVER To the editor I would like to express my thanks to Mark Burger for the wonderful article he wrote about the Western Film Fair that took place this past weekend in Winston Salem [“The Western Film Fair: A cast of characters”; July 21, 2010] He captured the tone of the event, the personalities of the people involved. I am so pleased with the section he wrote about our conversation. What a delight to be interviewed by such a pleasant and responsible journalist. Thank you again.

Sincerely Rosemary Forsyth, Winston-Salem


I thought state-run enterprises is what Socialism is all about! The state does such a good job with the sale and distribution of liquor (a drug) think of all the money they could make selling gasoline! GAS, it’s dangerous to pump maybe they should step in! what about grocery stores! Think of the children! The state could insure that all the farmers get a fair shake, the state sets the price! Then we can be sure that the citizenry eats just what’s good for them, and other heath issues. Why not ?

ABC stores are the very definition of SOCIAL- ISM so North Carolina is a very pro-Socialist state by definition, period. That they themselves can not deny, unless of course they disassembled their socialist monopoly on liquor.

Just a thought: Remember you must hate kids and be pro DWI if you’re not for the state’s socialist monopoly on alcohol!

Tommy Tong, Greensboro