letters to the editor

by YOU!


Mr. Barber: I am not a journalist, but my father obtained his journalism degree from the University of Texas. Unfortunately, he only lived 11 years to pursue this profession. He remained in the Army too long, because it was necessary in this society to provide a decent life for his wife and children. Journalists were not paid well in 1950.

As for your “Revisiting the Eszter Vajda case” [Aug. 25, 2010], I find the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists is guilty of a gross error in judgment. A free press should not dictate that journalists are accountable to their readers. The ultimate and only accountability should be the journalist’s pursuit of the truth.

I am dismayed by the failures I see in all of the media to expose corruption in government, police, courts, business and in the way we treat the less fortunate among us. It is sad that it takes money to get the truth out, but I try bit by bit contacting people in power to get things changed for the good of everyone. Owners of the media dictate editorial policy, not truth.

I have been a homeless person since January 2006, and it has been educational. People in my situation usually do not care much for protocol, and insubordination is a good practice when bosses are wrong.

As for the media having control of their resources and confidential materials, let them have it. If they are too protective of it, their credibility with me is zero.

Sincerely, Christopher Scott Hubbard, Winston-Salem

This message is directed to Keith Barber. I am one of the people who helped put together the community meeting at Cathy Dunn’s home. I was a speaker and I was quoted several times in your article on the event. Cathy Dunn and I were in no way aware of any clandestine relationship between Eszter Vajda and anybody that was an advocate for re-capture of the Yadkin River Project and opposed to Alcoa’s re-licensing. We certainly understand and share your concern about independent journalism. Regardless of this unfortunate situation, we still feel strongly that Alcoa does not represent the best interests of the residents of the state of NC and would be interested to know where you stand on the larger issue of Alcoa’s record in NC.

Respectfully, Chuck Melton, Winston-Salem


Dear editor, There are many people in Greensboro who consider YES! Weekly to be a top-rate newspaper while others are going to find something to gripe about even if there is nothing to gripe about. I personally enjoy reading YES! Weekly each and every week from cover to cover and do not know what I would do without it. To those who want to gripe about something all the time, all you have to do is not read the newspaper, so you then will not have anything to whine about, right? And those of us who enjoy the newspaper can continue to read it each and every week. So, I hope you can find a newspaper that fits your particular needs.

In the meantime, keep up the great work that you do YES! Weekly and I hope you will continue to bring us those truthful stories you bring us each and every week.

Sincerely, Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro


How do I get my money back from the beer fest on Saturday.There was no T-shirts, no glasses and no food. The beer lines were so long that they ran out of beer. I purchased VIP tickets and it was not anything. We got nothing! Please help I still have our VIP band plus our meal tickets and our parking tickets. Let me know what I can do; it was totally not worth $100 for two people. We stay less than two hours because of the horrible time, no seats in VIP tent and no food. Please let me know what we can do.

David Deaton, Triad