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A letter to the editor poem: Vote Coble for Congress, he values your view He’ll quickly reply to an e-mail from you. His loyalty shows, for he really knows Your concerns and your needs — He replies in his deeds. A conservative congressman, He’s one of the best — He’s proven this often, He knows he is blest. With wisdom and strength That he gets from above, Vote Howard Coble for Congress — A man we all love.

Doris W. Lindsay, High Point

Early voting has started, Election Day is fast approaching, and I am still mulling over some of my choices on the ballot. There is one category, however, that is a no-brainer and that’s for the 6 th District US House. My choice is Congressman Howard Coble. Voting for Howard Coble is easy because he tells you how he thinks and he votes accordingly. He is not one of these wishy-washy types who tries to appease all and pleases no one. Howard Coble is a forthright, conservative leader who listens and genuinely cares.

You are on your own for the other races, but take it from me, the easy call for Nov. 2 is Congressman Howard Coble.

Karen Hughes, Greensboro

In this crazy, mixed-up world we live in today, it is nice to know that there are still a few people we can reply upon. When it comes to elected officials, I can think of no one steadier or more reliable than Congressman Howard Coble. It is comforting to know that there is at least one leader who still listens to the people and acts accordingly.

Howard Coble is accessible and hard-working for us — his constituents. Howard has remained true to his conservative principles while becoming a leader in our nation’s capital. We are fortunate to have some as capable and consistent working for our best interests. Howard, as long as you keep attacking wasteful spending in Washington with that sharp pencil of yours, we will keep voting for you.

George McClellan, Greensboro


In response to a letter written to the Greensboro News & Record on Sept. 28 comparing NC Rep.Pricey Harrison to

Congressman Howard Coble, anyone who lives in Guilford County knows Howard Coble to be a person that is accessible. He spends much time in our area when he is not in Washington.

I do not think Pricey Harrison matches up to this comparison. I personally know Howard Coble, and she is no Howard Coble.

The person that will be in our community and working for us is Jon Hardister. He worked for Congressman Coble while he was in college. Jon is passionate about having a smaller government and a bigger economy.

Please join with me and many others and vote for Jon Hardister at early voting or on Nov. 2.

Charlie Jones, Greensboro

We respectfully ask for your vote for Jon Hardister, our son, candidate for NC House. Jon will be a step in the right direction in bringing the government back to the people. Our state has been ruled by one party for the past 100 years. One party rule tends to create too much power, corruption and temptation.

Jon’s interest in politics led to a political science degree at Greensboro College. He interned with the honorable Howard Coble, feeding off his expertise and work ethic.

Jon has been conducting a grassroots campaign, he has talked with many of you while walking door to door. He has shared with us countless discussions with voters who are worried about their future, who have lost their trust in government and who feel nobody listens to them. We, as his parents, know that when he is not in Raleigh, he will be in Greensboro, continuing to reach out to voters, listening to their ideas and concerns. He believes that government belongs to the people, and that people want smaller government, lower taxes, small business growth, economic development and trust in their representatives.

A vote for Jon will be a benefit for North Carolina.

Wayne and Carolyn Hardister, Greensboro

Pricey Harrison is attempting to posture herself as a fiscal conservative. For example, under the “issues” section of her web site, she talks of fiscal responsibility and cutting wasteful spending.

With all due respect to Pricey Harrison, her actions do not seem to have followed her words. She has voted for numerous tax increases, including a $1.3 billion tax increase in 2009 (during an economic recession). She has also voted in favor of the state budget numerous times which contains a great deal of spending that a lot of people find wasteful.

During her years in office, I have not seen Rep. Harrison make it a top priority to eliminate wasteful spending and reform the way in which we create the state budget. She has also not made it a top priority to lower taxes and to reform our tax sys tem.

The fact that she is now claiming to be fiscally conservative seems to be a political maneuver to win votes from those who are concerned about excessive government spending and high taxes.

Rep. Harrison may claim to be a fiscal conservative, but her record shows otherwise. Voters should remember this record when they go to the polls this November.

Chris Davis, Greensboro


Jim Toole and the Toole4School team is my choice for school board this year. Because he knows “education is a process, not a product,” Jim will bring a new voice as a student advocate that understands the value AND meaning of educating the whole child. Jim has coached my son in both soccer and basketball at the YMCA, is active with Adventure Guides at the YMCA, and is raising three fine boys. He has the ability to inspire whatever team he is leading and teach the fundamentals of the game they are playing… all while ensuring that great sportsmanship guides the players actions on the court and the field. We need an individual on the school board that can bring these life skills together to lead our school system into the second decade of this century. We need Jim Toole, his understanding, and values to help make WSFCS the best in the state at what they do…educate children to become outstanding adults.

Robert N. Capizzi, Winston-Salem


Political correctness has definitely gone amuck in this country. If you say these words or those words intended towards somebody for whatever reasons, you are consider a racist by one group, another group may peg you as hating gays, and yet another group may bring charges against you for being offensive. There are people offended by baggy pants, there are people offended by choice of words, there are people offended by just about anything these days. I had the impression that this was supposed to be a free country where you had freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of choice. I have no problem with an individual wearing baggy pants because I do not make it a concerted effort to walk around looking at the back of somebody’s pants. If that is all somebody has to do is walk around trying to find something that offends him or her, they must live a very boring life. It truly is time to return to the days when everyone pretty much respected everyones opinion. It is the American way of life and we are slowly losing it thanks to political correctness,and those who feel the need to keep us separated through devise ness and fear.

Sincerely, Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro