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I was reading your recent issue and I came across your 10 best [“10 best Halloween tricks”; Oct. 27, 2010; by Brian Clarey]. The one where you advocate the flaming bag of fun, the pumpkin smash and the one about eggs. I have to say I got a little angry. When I read, ”Eggs are nature’s hand grenades — the perfect size and weight to be heaved as a ballistic, and filled with disgusting goo that, if not immediately washed off, destroys car finishes.” I thought you must be joking. You forgot to print your adress so someone could ruin your paint; bet you would not find that funny. And if someone lights anything on fire on someone’s porch it could easly set their house on fire. Great fun huh? I get your point of the story i just think some better editing was needed.

Joe Witherspoon, Greensboro

Sir, I was horrified at your article which was not the least bit amusing. Rather, it was inappropriate & offensive. Some “tricks” were actually dangerous & potentially harmful.

I’m disappointed in your judgement and that of the publisher. You might consider an apology to your readers.

Susan L, Greensboro


I am sick and tired of hearing about children being harassed, beaten up or driven to suicide because of bullies. We adults need to work together to eliminate bullying, hazing and corporal punishment from our state. Being bullied should not be a part of growing up.

Chuck Mann, Greensbor


Hello, I wanted to drop you a note to tell you about the great experience I had at Ganache. I hadn’t been there in over five years and decided to try it again. The girl working the counter may be the friendliest person I ever met. She was helpful and great with my son. Come to find out she is the manager and chef too.

When I mentioned it to some moms at school they all thought it was closed! I think you need to do a story about the bakery and the chef! Thanks, Jaime R Klei, Greensboro