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I am thankful for the opportunity to have participated in the NC Senate District 28 race in the Nov. 2 election. My appreciation and thanks go out to those who voted, worked and contributed to my campaign.

My supporters worked hard and none of these behind-the-scenes people should be taken for granted. They are a crucial part of our great democratic process. I applaud all their hard work and the endless hours they gave as volunteers.

I am confident that the new majority in the General Assembly will enact legislation that was included in my campaign agenda. Running for a state office is a privilege for me, and an experience that I cherish.

‘­Trudy Wade, Greensboro


Considering Gov. Beverly Perdue’s approval ratings are hovering around 25 percent right now, the Republicans would only need a few Democrats here and there to override any vetoes that our illustrious governor would try to do. She is also under federal investigation for those unexplained airplane trips she took so she may be in prison before she has a chance to be re-elected to a second term as governor. I think she should resign before she begins to bring our wonderful state down with her.

Another idea would be to have the Republicans to launch their own investigations into the goings-on behind closed doors to find out the truth about what these corrupt Democrats were actually doing behind those secret rooms where they made their dirty dealings.

It is time for the Republicans to have a chance to advance their agenda, which they have not be able to do under total Democratic control. If the governor is not willing to work with the Republicans, then the Republicans should do everything in their power to override any vetoes. It would not be a hard thing to accomplish, considering many of these Democrats will be up for re-election next year and in 2012, and definitely do not want to be associated with a governor with such a low approval rating.

I personally voted for her when she ran for office but I would not even consider voting for her again as I think she not a good leader, — she is more of a bully-type governor and a nanny-type governor.

Just take a look at what she tried to do with the superintendent of public instruction. She tried every trick in the book to prevent the superintendent from taking her position even though the people clearly voted June Atkinson into office, which is a typical Democratic ploy.

In closing, the Republicans have a real chance here to make some very positive chances for North Carolina and throughout this nation. Lets hope they will do the right thing and give North Carolina and this nation back to the American people where they truly belong.

Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro