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I want to thank you all for the awesome articles that you write and let the city at Large know that we too are striving for a better neighborhoods in east/northeastast Winston.

I personally am so truly grateful to several people that have come to me and offered their services to the neighborhood association and the community in our efforts. There has been nothing that we have asked for that Mr. Grant Johnson has not supplied. He is awesome in my book and as I write this I’m getting tearful knowing that God has special angels that he sends to you when you do his work.

My humble request to you is to please interview this wonderful man that has reached out to the community in so many ways and goes unnoticed.

Thank you, Marva Reid, Winston-Salem


Great Article [“Now you see it, now you dont: looking for the Zauberschloss”; Nov. 3, 2010; by Kathy Clark]. I tried to sumbit this twice before, seems the Zauberschloss is at work all around us.

“What is Magic?” Aitch once asked, and his answer was the unexpected. And that’s true, but Aitch didn’t quite know all their was to know about magic, much to his chagrin. and his ego. Magic is truly about the heart. It’s the beauty of this universe and the power of life and death, and all the myrid of endless possiblities. It’s about the unknown and the unknowable, and it’s also about the simple wonderment that even a fresh breath of air can bring.

The Zaulber lives in Greensboro, in fact it’s everywhere. Just look, Just look. I used to ask Frank, “What do you see?” Magic is often disguised as the everyday, as the norm. Take Tate Street. Just go watch and look, you often see magic disguised as life, like Tate Street Coffee, or Boba house, or NY Pizza, or just pick a spot. Like the Green Bean, or Parts Unknown. Or how about the mixed-tape madness series or the movies at the Carolina Theater? Or the local meetup clubs, the Boardgamers, or the Lunch club, the Civil Rights Museum. There is magic all around us, that’s the beauty of it all, you just have to open your eyes and see it, find it, taste it, touch it, feel it.

More importantly you just have to open your heart. That’s where the magic lives. It’s in all of us, we’ve just forgotten it mainly. As we’ve become busy and ovewhelmed with the decisions of grown-up life, we’ve lost that child-like innocent where the magic lies. Some of us attempt to keep the magic alive with parties, and good times, and sometimes just like magic, those times are false.

The real magic is just that: real. It’s a helping hand, or a hand up, or a movement, or a presence. Sometimes it masks itself as music or art or poetry or sculpture or a museum. Sometimes it’s just a kind word or a donation or volunteerism.

That’s were you will find the real Zaulber: hiding in plain sight, just like real magic, because it is real magic, just the purest truest form of it. It’s a smile, a kind word, and we all have it to give, we are all magicians we just have to allow ourselves to play, to have fun, to smile, to say a kind word, to do something brave and give when we can’t, and help when we’re too busy. That’s the magic in all of us, in all our hearts and we simply have to put on a great show.

I’d love to see another Zauberschloss, and maybe find some “Sanctuary’ in letting the show “happen” again. Anyone looking for more answers, well were all here Freaky Frank, Tattoo Joe and myself, ready to lend a hand. We’re easy to find. Here’s hoping you see the magic within yourself, and allow it to breathe. Much love and a great article again. So I say keep the Zaulber alive, just open your hearts.

Just Joey, Greensboro


I was turned off by your semi-accurate analysis of [White Noise; Nov. 10, 2010; by Jordan Green]. While they do include fluff pieces, it is not the bulk or sum of their reporting. There are clearly three columns: one for op-ed, one for serious news reporting and one for the more TMZ-ish type stories. If you are a liberal, like you say in your piece, then you are really missing a great site if you dismiss it for one-third of its content. I think this site is clearly gaining in popularity, and for good reason. I invite you to give it another try, maybe a longer try without the knee-jerk reaction.

Thanks for your time, Eric Wheeling, Winston-Salem