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Hi. My son was in the same burn unit as Deb Moy — his accident happened Jan. 29, 2009. She had already been there for four months.

My family became friendly with Deb’s parents. I think of them often and wonder how they are doing.

I came across this article [“Rain on the Castle”; Sept. 22, 2009; by Brian Clarey] as I was looking for info regarding Deb.

Interesting case — hope that someday it will be solved.

Sincerely, Sherry Palmer Davis Marietta, Ga.


McDowell pedantic? Maybe not [Letters to the editor; Nov. 23, 2010]. One meaning of pedantic is “excessively meticulous.” Look at his letter.

An excessively meticulous writer would italicize “Psycho” in paragraph two (he did not) and would not write this sentence (in paragraph four): “Regardless of the order, with Chinese it’s usually to figure out which is the surname.” [sic] This sentence cries out for “difficult” or “easy” after “usually.” Also, McDowell uses the word “behooves” in the last sentence of his letter. YES! Weekly had an ongoing contest called “Kiss My gl/ ASS” where YES! published photos of readers kissing a glass with the YES! logo on it. Somehow “behooves” seems out of place in a magazine that encourages its readers to kiss its gl/ass.

Mark Burger seems to attract more than his share of readers willing to help him advance as a writer. First Shertzer, now this guy McDowell. Well, guys, Mark is being paid to put ink to paper. You?

Bill Bloxham, Winston-Salem

Editor replies: The un-italicized “Psycho” was my mistake. And yes, clever wordplay has always been a part of YES! Weekly.