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I’ve had about all I can take of the hyperpartisan tripe that passes for conversation with the right wing these days; from Sarah bringing cookies to schoolchildren in response to the First Lady’s anti-obesity message to pulling the plug on Grandma.

But when the President of the United States of America reaches a compromise with Republicans, Chuck Norris has to inform us that Obama lied to his supporters. That crosses a line.

Are there no sane columnists on the right that your paper can afford?

I really think it’s time to say, “F*ck Chuck.” Mark L. McLaren, Browns Summit


The Democrats are passing all of these bills before they have to give up power in January. Have they thought about who is going to have to foot the bill for all of this spending? I doubt very seriously if they even care, considering their objective is to stick it to the Republicans out of pure spite, because they happened to get their butts kicked in the last election cycle. Passing these unpopular bills will only damper the Democrats’ chances of ever being the controlling party again. I suspect, by now, that the American people are realizing who is truly responsible for this economic mess we are in at the present time. It is time, once again, to throw them out of office or this country will be in dire straights for a very long time down the road. There is no conceivable way that our children can possibly re-establish what this country has stood for over the past 200 years, nor will they be able to pay off this humongous debt in their lifetimes, primarily due to a number of leftwing radicals whose only objective is to give out free handouts to those too lazy to work. It is time to stop this madness.

Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro


Truth animates speech and inspires others to reach beyond themselves.

The prospects for progress is misleading based on a cursory reading of political prose, especially that of those who see themselves as concerned citizens. Of these, most merely seize the party perspective without enhancing (or adequately questioning), whether liberal or conservative.

Every word, in fact, is derivative, faithful to its origin yet not to reason, which demands more than has been thus far given. Hence, the poverty of debates and impotence of policies that promote progress, claims too at least. We settle instead for a change of hands every so often. Progress meanwhile has been in the coffin since the Enlightenment and the Civil Rights Movement.

Today, movements are rare because motions bewitch instead, stalling the possibility of real progress, politically and ethically. Citizens have greater rights but less wisdom in exercising these. Consider, for example, the character of our laws. How many of us are improved thus? Most in fact are made for criminals, not enlightened mammals such as ourselves. Our failure, however, lies in fields politically transcendent, and can only be reversed when each of us resolves to improve ourselves.

Society contributes but doesn’t control unless we deny our right and our role. We do this whenever we deny the validity of our actions or our power to make a difference. Such logic limits our range and defeats our intentions. We are given instead to lamenting because we deny our actions and their consequences. Even so, the change we desire must come from beings higher than we are presently.

Joel Bryant, Greensboro