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Hey Ryan, Not only did I get a chuckle out of reading your thoughts on Hinder [“2011 concert preview”; Jan. 5, 2011; by Ryan Snyder], as someone who had never heard of them, it made me interested enough to go see what would cause someone to have that type of reac- tion to a band. After finding a video for the song “Without You,” and watching about 75 seconds of it, I had to shut it off as — I think — it caused me to throw up in my mouth a little bit (it was either the music, or a late reaction to something I had for lunch that, coincidentally, just hit me during the minute I was watching Hinder’s video). I didn’t really think that there could be anything worse than some of the bands that I lived through dur- ing the ’80s, but Hinder has to be it — at the very least, they are right at the top of the “worst list.” Thanks again for the writing and the warning, and hope 2011’s been good so far. Curt Meinhol, Greensboro


The city council and certain department heads seem to find the monies to fund their own personal projects. When the roads need fixing,they never can find the monies. The roads in this city are in terrible shape and there needs to be some repair work done on them. If the city council can find monies to build a new ice rink and a new amphitheater at the coliseum,they should be able to find the monies to fix our streets. Do they not realize the damage these roads to do to our vehicles? I wonder if they truly care about the drivers having to foot the car-repair bill out of their own pockets for damage caused by theses terrible pothole-riven streets. I realize some of the damage done can be attributed to the weather conditions, but these streets have not ample work done on them for a very long time now. It is time for the city to stop thinking about their own personal pet projects and catering to special interest groups and fix our streets. Because the damage being done to our vehicles is getting to be very expensive. Steven M. Shelton, Greensboro


Gate City Billiards Country Club should be com- mended for taking a stand. The owners of bars, casi- nos, strip clubs, nightclubs and other adult establish- ments should be allowed to decide whether they allow smoking or not. Then the people should be allowed to decide whether they will enter and spend money at these establishments. Chuck Mann, Greensboro